The End Of 2014 Clutter Sweep

The holidays always bring about an interesting time, when we have to pull out all of the Christmas decorations from their storage space.  We have some shelves where items go, and some plastic storage bins.  After the holiday stuff gets put away, things go back in front of it, so when it’s time to pull the holiday stuff out, we quickly see that it’s time to declutter.

I’ve set a personal goal to try to clear as many of the following items from our house by the end of the year.  Clutter is not something you deal with and then it goes away, at least in our house, for the simple reason that it always comes back!

  • Old TV(s)
    • Where they’re located: Basement – Unfinished area
    • Where they need to go: Donate (Salvation Army)
    • Why it’s clutter: We’ve replaced several tube TVs with flat screen TVs, and the tube TVs are not re purposed.

  • Exercise Bike
    • Where it’s located: Basement – Home Office
    • Where they need to go: For Sale (Craigslist)
    • Why it’s clutter: I prefer to exercise at a gym, and the machine isn’t horribly reliable anyways.  It works but the display cuts out intermittently.  I don’t expect to get a lot for it as it was on the lower end of the price scale anyways.
  • Collectible Toys
    • Where they’re located: Basement – Home Office (piled up on a chair)
    • Where they need to go: For Sale (eBay or Amazon)
    • Why it’s clutter: In the 1990’s, I shared an apartment with a college buddy who was a big toy collector.  He convinced me to buy and stash a few items.  I put them in a bin and forgot all about them until I was trying to find some extra bins.  While many of the items are pretty much worthless, a quick eBay search revealed that there are some that have appreciated a bit.
  • Summer / Winter Clothes
    • Where they’re located: Closets and drawers
    • Where they need to go: Donate or trash or the rag shelf
    • Why it’s clutter: I switch out some winter clothes and summer clothes, and I generally avoid getting rid of stuff, figuring I’ll just deal with it but never do.  I have some items on both sides that either no longer fit, are too worn out, or out of style.  I just need to clean out the closet, so to speak.
  • Broken Power Washer
    • Where they’re located: Currently in the garage
    • Where they need to go: Garbage
    • Why it’s clutter: A relative gave me a power washer before they moved, and it’s never worked right.  I believe that it was stored in a garage or shed during the winter which caused some freezing on the inside pipes.  I’ve looked online and with these models, this cannot be repaired.

In addition we need to do some cleanup where we might not necessarily get rid of things, but the re-organization will help reduce the footprint of items:

  • Basement Kids Items – We keep things like high chairs, swings, and the like in the event that family might some day want them.  There’s a corner of the basement that needs to be taken apart and the stuff re-organized.
  • Basement Bins – We keep some kids clothes and such in plastic bins, some is in case relatives eventually need them, or so that they can be sold at resale shops when they’re in season.  The area where we keep things stacked up needs to be reorganized.
  • Garage – I don’t mind the cold, and will go out for a night or two or a weekend afternoon and re-organize the garage.  It’s definitely time.

What de-cluttering projects do you have on the horizon?

12 thoughts on “The End Of 2014 Clutter Sweep”

  1. You’ve reminded me of all the things we need to clean out too! I need to just go through our entire basement and figure out what should stay and what should go. It’s pretty well-organized, but, I know we have way too much stuff that we never use… time to Craigslist!

  2. I will clean the stock room and see what can I use and sell some of the items. So by next year my stock room will be more organize, clean and many useful things stock there. Thanks for the tips. Great post!

  3. Decluttering is really a good thing to do before the year ends. I am actually trying to look for things at home that I no longer use and may need to be off the house like our old cabinet. I’d definitely have a garage sale this month.

  4. When we took out the holiday decorations, we cleaned the entire closet and got rid of a few things, which was satisfying. We’ve been slowly trying to declutter over the last several weeks, but we have a ways to go. The “good news” is that without an attic, basement or garage, there’s only so many places we can stuff our clutter. The bad news is that our closets all look like a real-life game of Tetris! I think after reading this post that perhaps I’ll make a master list of items and where they need to go. Once we’ve finished all the closets, then it’s time to go through the files and paperwork.

  5. I set up all the Christmas stuff this weekend – and always end up with a bucket load of additional ornaments and decor that are not used (and have not been used in years) – every year I plan to get rid of it – but this year I actually took photos and posted the stuff on the Facebook “virtual garage sale” local group I belong to – and making plans to meet up with people to get stuff out of my house in exchange for a bit of cash!

    • I often fall trap to the ‘I’ll take care of it next year’ syndrome when it comes to that kind of stuff. I need to take a page from your book on getting in order.

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