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Ryan Lochte is a six time Olympic Gold medalist and American champion swimmer. He was sponsored by Speedo soon after finishing college and has been under contract with them since. However, recent events occurring in Brazil after his last race have led to Speedo and several other companies pulling away their endorsements. The entire incident which involved Lochte peeing behind a gas station and tearing down and advertisement was blown out of proportion. To make matters worse the American swimmer decided to make up a fake robbery incident. This has led to many fans losing their respect for him and also criticizing his behavior in Rio.

While some fans are questioning what they would have done in a similar situation, many fans are angry about the disgrace he brought upon himself by lying. Many fans believed that the whole incident was immature and unnecessary. However, Lochte is a human being everyone else and while he is a swimming champion, he is still prone to make mistakes like anyone else. Brazilian authorities say they found evidence contrary to the champion's statement and other eye witnesses say that they returned back to the Olympic village, wallets and watches were seen on them.

Ryan Lochte and

In a positive turn of events, Ryan Lochte is still making headlines, but this time for the right reasons. The American swimmer has teamed up with financial solutions provider to help millions of Americans recover from financial loss. While the media is scooping this up and fun with it, chose to go ahead with the idea because it is fitting. The company believes in giving people second chances. So Ryan Lochte seemed to be the ideal candidate for this project. Ryan is equally passionate about using this opportunity to help people. He believes in the cause that stands for. No one knows better about needing second chances than Ryan Lochte. So the whole arrangement just works. Ryan is set to appear in several ads about and he has instructed that a certain percentage of his proceeds are go towards muscular dystrophy research.

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Lochte could really use this opportunity to turn things around for him. According to sources Lochte initially stood to loose approximately $10 million in endorsements due to the incident. However, it seems that has given Ryan a new lease on life. This opportunity will enable him to gain back the respect and admiration of his fans. It will also help him get a sense of accomplishment from helping those in financial distress. is a financial services provider that is dedicated to helping give people second chances. There are times when financial emergencies happen and you don't know which way to turn. Some people go through complete financial breakdown and need to start over. This is where comes in. They help Americans pick up the pieces after a financial situation has destroyed them. The company gives people hope that financial freedom really is possible even after a difficult financial woe. works closely with a network of journalists and industry professionals to achieve this common goal. They have a trusted network of financial services providers who are all certified and qualified to offer clients the best possible financial solutions, to their problems. Millions of Americans go through financial troubles each and every year. In times like these, it is comforting to know that companies like are out there and genuinely care about making the clients lives better. has been around for many years changing the lives of Americans nationwide and will continue to do so for years to come.

Ryan Lochte might be a super star swimmer, however, he is a person like any other. So he is allowed to make mistakes, no matter how immature they may seem. Thanks to, Americans can now learn what it is to have a second chance in life. No financial situation should be irreversible with a competent, passionate and committed company like by your side. If you have experienced problems in your finances, reach out to and let them know exactly how they can help you.