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Esurance ReviewWhat is Esurance and what can it do to make your life better? The Esurance company provides insurance coverage for various things from automobiles to medical expenses. The overall purpose of this service is to keep people covered and give them a sense of security for what they value in their lives at substantially lower prices.


The long and short of what makes Esurance worth can be summed up in the savings they offer policy holders. The game-changing model of online functionality and operation keeps this company on the cutting edge of customer service and satisfaction. This way of doing business works so well that insurance icon, Allstate, teams with Esurance to insure quite a few customers across the globe.

Even though knowing that an insurance company maintains a tight professional organization is a good place to start, you really should get familiar with the details of how said company can save you some mean-green cash. In that case, you only need to keep two words in mind; coverage and discount.

Auto Insurance

Esurance has a policy that covers just about anything, and their auto insurance certainly deserves a mention because you can't legally drive without it. The term auto insurance doesn't quite do the company justice when it comes to all the different vehicles you can get coverage for. Of course, you can get a policy for your car. But, did you know that your motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle, scooter, RV, snowmobile, boat, and various other modes of transportation can be covered through Esurance as well?

As a side note, we did manage to find cheap motorcycle insurance in our research so check it out if you're interested.

Esurance Review

To be honest, those categories are just the tip of the iceberg, and the options for designing your own coverage through the online platform just may surprise you. Basically, to get the best value from insuring vehicles with Esurance you need to navigate through a cadre of options. Luckily, the online platform has tools and features to help make narrowing down your options a little easier.

Because Esurance has the experience and expertise of Allstate behind it, the functionality of optioning tools online only guide decisions instead of influencing them. These features act like a protectant from over gauging on policy and coverage. They merely inform policy holders and users about what they could be using or if they might be missing out something worth having in the long run. This type of system checks and balances has to be in place, because the Esurance does more than cover modes of transportation. Of course, the final decision comes down to the person buying the policy, but it's nice to trust the information provided in the process.

Medical Coverage

It suffices to say that Esurance has vehicle policies with three different coverage options to them. At the top of the list sits medical coverage, which makes sure that everybody named in your policy has their doctor bills covered in the event of an accident. This is something like PIP (Personal Injury Protection) that makes sure that the passengers in a vehicle are covered for medical expenses regardless of the circumstances.

Under medical coverage, vehicle policies cover the damages inflicted to cars in two ways. On the first hand, collision coverage takes care of the damage done to your car, truck, or whatever in the event of an accident while in transit. On the other hand, comprehensive coverage makes sure that things like falling branches, hail, thievery, and other nonsense doesn’t pose a problem for you. For those drivers who feel like they just don't need all that coverage, liability is the nitty gritty cost-effective policy that has your backside covered if the fault happens to be yours during an accident.

There are other policies designed to cover a set of specific automobile problems that can occur over time. Bodily injury policies take care of things like lost wages and medical bills for passengers of an auto accident. Other policies cover the damages to property as a result of an at fault accident. And, there are even policies that pick up the slack when the other driver in an accident doesn't have all their ducks in a row insurance wise.

Esurance Review

Property Insurance

Because people do not always live in their cars, boats, and RVs, even though it can be fun for a while, Esurance has property insurance for those people who want to make their home truly secure. This coverage is not just for homes, but also extends to people who live in condos and apartments as well. Just like the auto insurance that Esurance provides, there's more to property insurance that meets the eye. The same tools that make sure you get the best deal with auto insurance work with property insurance on the online platform.

Homeowners Insurance

Just because home is where the heart lives that doesn’t make it a completely safe and quiet place all the time. Moreover, the possessions in your home may be just as expensive as the structure itself. Homeowners insurance policies make sure that the different parts to your homes as a whole are replaced or fixed, should the need arise.

This protection does more than make sure that windows and doors are replaced if the wind blows something threw them. It helps to protect the value that you invest in your home from a break in or flashflood. But, the coverage a policy grants its holder doesn’t have to stop at the front door or just replace some odd valuables. It can make sure that a household doesn't have to be out of home while major repairs get underway. Really good policies do this while providing money for expenses such food and gas.

You need to get as much coverage for condos as you would a home, depending on how much stuff you have in it. The same logic might hold true for apartments if the size and scale justify the expense. In these cases, it's a really good idea to pay close attention to the parts of a policy that cover injury. So many people slip, twist, and burn themselves in the home every year that it's not even funny. Esurance also has policies that cover what you do to other people's things, so that a little trip or heavy-handed gesture in someone else's home doesn't ruin a moment or cause major waves.

Esurance Review

Life Insurance

Certainly, having a hand on the wheel and keeping your property securely covered always leaves you in an advantageous position. But, you simply cannot put so much money and attention into what you have without getting a policy for your life and health as well. People may not think of Esurance as a way to pay for life insurance when compared to some of the bigger names out there. But, there's the matter being a part of Allstate that gives it legitimate claim of value. Besides, no one says that the life insurance that you can get from Esurance has to replace what you have already. However, it can support other policies and be a Calvary in situations where an extra set of financing hands would be appreciated.

While looking into whole life insurance rates, if that's the type you choose, it may pay off to stack a little health insurance on top of that. Insuring your healthcare means you have something stable to fall back on when things get a little hectic with what options providers want to make available and affordable. It kind of goes without saying but should be mentioned anyway that insuring every person possible in a household only makes perfect sense. If you are the kind of person who doesn't just own a pet but parents them as well, then pet insurance should help you to sleep at night knowing that a unforeseen trip to the vet doesn't have to end with a tough decision.

Putting an extra touch of safety and security on everything inside and out of your home from the car to the dog may put your mind at ease in one way. But, it sure can keep you up at night wondering if there's a more cost-effective way to get things done.

With Esurance, there's more than one way to see a little shrinkage on those policy payments. To lessen the amount needed for payments, you need to look into the list of discounts applicable to your situation. Of course, there are always different aspects to getting the best out of any given set of discounts. Checking and truly understanding the dates and conditions for a discount gives you the power to make the right decisions on how you want to save money.

Get an Online Quote

As a general rule, there are always a few ways to save money without really trying. For example, starting a quote online without the assistance of an agent usually translates to the cheapest car insurance quotes for you. Another way to save money is to try and link, or bundle, all of your existing policies into one payment option. For the streamlining of your policies into one deal, discount conditions just may overlap and add up to more savings than if the policies were held separately.

Without a doubt, there are a few classic methods of earning a levering discount level prices on payments. One of the most simple of these methods is to have some funds saved and pay policies in full 6 – 12 months in advanced. This may seem counterintuitive to cost-effective on the surface, but just about every company gives a discount when payments are made that far in advanced and Esurance is no exception. Another popular discount to ask and go for comes from being a new customer. This discount can come with a commitment to stay a policy holder for a period of time or kick in retroactively.

Either way, it's worth looking into. Savvy customers and policy holders know that after the newness of being on board with a company goes away the benefits of being a loyal customer can begin. Just like the new customer discounts, loyalty prices might not apply until a certain amount of payments have been made.

When picking the right policies and signing up for all those discounts just doesn't quite measure up to cost-effective options for you, it’s time to get just a tad more serious with Esurance. Making sure the insurance company has all the pertinent details about you down to the most essential of information is the first step to take in serious discount getting.

If you have a change of life like marriage, a better job, or completion of education, then let the company know about it. This includes any progresses made on your credit score or improvements in how you live. Quit smoking? Let them know. Moved to a less populated location? Tell Esurance that. These facts and details make a difference in the insurance business even if they don’t mean a thing to you personally. Above all of the other online functions and features to the platform, discounts and programs, and policy holder hacks for you to use, technology has a crucial role to play. With a simple tracking device attached to your car, save driving discounts can be yours through simple data tracking and algorithm analysis. The safer you drive over time the lower your rates go.

A word of caution to this method of saving money, tampering with such devices or speeding is surely to end poorly for you. So, don't go for this option until you are ready to settle down into a slow and steady pattern of driving that doesn’t take you on wild and crazy adventures. Other than that, there's really nothing to worry or think about as far as signing of the Esurance company goes.

An affordable alternative would be considering a pay-per-mile option. Look at our Metromile review to learn more.


If you're planning on using Esurance as an insurance provider, you may have a few questions about their services. We receive tons of questions about Esurance and related issues. Below, we've compiled a list of the top questions we receive about Esurance — they're divided into categories.

General Esurance FAQ

If you have general questions about Esurance and related topics, you'll find the answers to those questions below.

Is Esurance a good auto insurance company?

Esurance has a relatively good profile with consumers — it's also backed by one of the largest insurance companies in the industry. As a subsidiary of Allstate, you can trust that Esurance has the expertise to help you get the insurance you need.

When did Allstate buy Esurance?

While Esurance originally started in 1999, it was purchased by Allstate in 2011 — this helped Allstate become one of the largest insurance providers in the world.

Does John Krasinski do the Esurance commercials?

Yes, John Krasinski has done Esurance commercials in the past. If you think you've seen him in one of their commercials, you probably have.

Is Esurance the same as Allstate?

No. While Esurance is a subsidiary of Allstate, it's technically not the ‘same thing' as Allstate. Allstate bought Esurance in 2011. Aslo Esurance can help you with short term health plans whereas its not clear on Allstate's site that they do the same.

How is Esurance on claims?

While Esurance does have some complaints about its claims process, it does offer a range of different claims options to its clients. You can access claims via its mobile app, website, or telephone.

Who is Esurance owned by?

At present, Esurance is owned by insurance giant Allstate. The company purchased Esurance back in 2011 in an effort to expand its insurance portfolio.

Who is the Esurance spokesperson?

While Esurance doesn't have a specific spokesperson, you may be thinking of John Krasinski, who played a major role in commercials and voiceovers for the company for a number of years.

How is Esurance rated?

Esurance has relatively mixed reviews. While there are a number of complaints from past customers online, it does have an A- rating with the BBB.

Why is Esurance so much cheaper?

They're not necessarily the cheapest option. It depends on the coverage and the policy that you're purchasing. For example SR22 insurance will not be cheap. Make sure to compare it against all providers.

Are Esurance and Geico the same company?

No. Esurance and Geico are completely different insurance providers. In fact, Esurance is owned by Allstate — a major player in the insurance industry.

Are Esurance estimates accurate?

This will depend on your quote. You should always seek a second option — almost all insurance companies can occasionally get estimates incorrect.

Are Esurance quotes accurate?

Again, this will depend on your quote. All insurance companies can occasionally make mistakes — this is why it's important to compare quotes across a broad range of competitors.

Can Esurance provide a certificate of insurance?

With Esurance, you can actually download a certificate or proof of insurance directly to your phone. If you follow the instructions on the Esurance site, it's extremely easy.

Does Esurance have accident forgiveness?

At present, you won't find any accident forgiveness program available at Esurance. If you want this type of a program, you may need to look at other insurance providers.

Does Esurance have full coverage?

Yes, it does. If you want to have a comprehensive insurance plan for your vehicle, you'll have the option to purchase one through Esurance. This is a good idea if you want to reduce your overall risk.

Does Esurance offer renters insurance?

This will depend on the state that you live in. To find a full list of eligible states, you'll be able to find an up–to-date database on their site. In some states Esurance offers some of the cheapest renters insurance. Also take a look at Lemonade renters insurance reviews to see how they compare.

Does Esurance offer supplemental health insurance?

On their website redirects you to their partner where you can compare supplemental health insurance companies. Remember though that these plans may not include things like dental or vision. So some people pay for these things out of pocket and find the best place to buy contacts online.

Esurance Pricing FAQ

If you have questions about Esurance's pricing structure, you'll be able to find the answers here — check it out.

Why is Esurance so cheap?

Esurance has developed a reputation for being a cheap insurance provider because it doesn't have the brick-and-mortar infrastructure that you find with other providers. Still, this doesn't mean that it's always the cheapest option on the market.

How much is Esurance a month?

This will depend on your policy and your level of coverage. It will also depend on the type of car that you own and your personal driving record. Ask for a quote to find out.

Is Esurance cheaper than Geico?

Again, this will depend on the type of plan that you choose. Insurance providers have different ways of calculating the costs of policies. The best way to find out what is cheaper is to compare quotes.

Why is Esurance cheaper than Allstate?

Esurance doesn't have the same infrastructure costs as Allstate, but this doesn’t mean that they're always cheaper. You should always seek a quote from multiple companies before making any decisions.

Esurance Policy FAQ

If you have questions about Esurance policies, make sure to explore them in more detail below.

Does Esurance have roadside assistance?

Yes, Esurance does offer an emergency roadside assistance program for its clients. You can add this to your plan by requesting it over the phone or online. If you got a flat and need new tires you can also shop for cheap tires online and get great deals.

Does Esurance offer homeowners insurance?

Yes — Esurance does offer homeowners insurance quotes to people who own properties. If you want homeowners insurance, you need to make sure you're in an eligible state — they don't provide homeowners insurance to every state in the country. Ask them about a possible discount for having a security system and if they do offer this then compare security system reviews to decide on getting one. Also consider looking at the top rated home warranty companies to cover other aspects of your home.

Does Esurance cover windshield repair?

This will depend on the policy that you purchase. You should ask Esurance directly if you are covered for windshield repair.

What is Esurance DriveSense?

DriveSense is a program that monitors your driving habits through an internal recording device. If you allow Esurance to place this in your vehicle, you may be able to save up to 30% on your current insurance costs.

Does Esurance cover salvage titles?

Unfortunately, Esurance does not tend to offer insurance to vehicles with salvage titles. If you coverage for this type of vehicle, make sure to look at other insurance providers.

Does Esurance cover rental car insurance?

This will depend on your policy. You can add this type of coverage to your policy for an additional cost — make sure that you request the change to your policy directly through Esurance.

Does Esurance cover Uber drivers?

Esurance does have a rideshare coverage program for certain states of the country. You should ask if you're eligible prior to applying for a quote.

Other Esurance FAQ

If you haven't been able to find the answers to your questions above, make sure to check out some of the other FAQs below.

Who does the Esurance commercials?

This answer will depend on the commercial that you're thinking of. John Krasinski is famous for appearing in Esurance commercials for many years.

Who does the voiceover for Esurance?

John Krasinski is probably the voiceover actor that you're thinking of — he did commercials for Esurance for a number of years.

How to install Esurance DriveSense?

Esurance will provide you with instructions on how to install DriveSense. If you have any questions, make sure to contact their team directly.

What is the difference between Allstate and Esurance?

Allstate and Esurance provide fairly similar services. Allstate is the parent company of Esurance — meaning it owns Esurance. Allstate bough Esurance in 2011.

What states does Esurance cover?

This will depend on the type of insurance plan that you're looking to purchase. To view an updated list of eligible states, make sure to check out their website.

Does Esurance have rideshare insurance?

Yes. Esurance does now offer a rideshare insurance program for drivers in certain states. You'll need to head to their website to find out if you're living in an eligible state — the list is constantly being update with new options.

Does Esurance offer gap insurance?

Yes, Esurance does have a variety of different gap insurance options for its clients. You can call its insurance hotline to discuss your potential options. If you're looking for medigap plans that's a different topic that we cover in another article.

How to use Esurance DriveSense?

If you choose to use DriveSense, Esurance will provide you with full instructions on how to use the program. Make sure to ask their technical support team if you have any questions.

Is Esurance a good car insurance company?

Esurance has mixed reviews, but overall the company has a positive rating — it has an A- with the BBB, which is one of the largest consumer watchdog groups in the nation.

Is Esurance cheaper than Progressive?

This will depend on the type of insurance policy that you're looking for. You should always ask for quotes from both before you make any decisions.

What happened to Esurance?

Nothing happened to Esurance — it's still a very popular insurance provider in the United States. The company was bought by Allstate in 2011, but still retains its original name. The only major difference is it is now part of a larger insurance group.

What is the phone number for Esurance?

If you're looking to call Esurance for a general question, you can contact their team at 1-800-ESURANCE (1-800-378-7262).

Where is Esurance located?

Esurance is located in San Francisco California. Its parent company, Allstate, is located in Illinois.

Can I get Esurance from my phone at the dealership?

You should be able to get a quote for Esurance on your phone. Still, this isn't a good idea — you should compare policy prices and coverage before you make a decision. Don't rush.

How does Esurance work?

Esurance is an insurance provider that primarily provides auto insurance policies — the company also has a range of other policies for you to choose from as well including helping you find affordable health insurance plans. The company operates entirely online and by telephone, which helps it reduce its prices.

How to pay Esurance with PayPal?

You can pay Esurance with PayPal via its site. Esurance was one of the first auto insurance providers to accept PayPal as a payment method. This is an excellent option for those who want different payment options. You won't find it with many other providers.

Who is Esurance affiliated with?

Esurance is affiliated with its parent company, Allstate. Allstate is one of the largest insurance companies in the world — it offers a range of different insurance policies to its clients. Allstate purchase Esurance back in 2011.

Who is Nancy Abraham at Esurance?

Nancy Abraham is a Vice President of marketing at Esurance. She's become famous for appearing in an Esurance commercial — this may be the place that you originally found her.

Can I pay month by month with Esurance?

In most cases, you can pay month by month for you Esurance plan. But you can also choose to pay for the entire policy at one time if this is an option that you prefer.

Can I pay my Esurance bill early?

If you want to ensure that paying your bill early doesn't mess up your billing cycle, make sure to contact Esurance directly. You can do this by contacting its hotline number.