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I don't consider myself a lucky person.  My grandmother, on the other hand, now she was lucky.  Her and my grandpa went every year to Las Vegas, and it seemed she always won.  When she went to play bingo, she often came home with money.  She was once on the TV lottery show, and won a jackpot.  Unfortunately, her luck didn't run out on me.  I don't get lucky when I gamble, so I usually don't.

But, hey, every once in a while, you get lucky in other ways.  I recently did.

Grinding Hard Drive

My wife has a laptop that she uses for her Etsy shop.  She does custom designs that are all sent electronically.  As such, she has a lot of digital files.  There are graphic files, clipart, pictures, proofs and final designs.  She keeps most of her data on an external hard drive.

So, she was really concerned when she came to me and said that the hard drive was making noise. It was grinding and clicking when she plugged it in.

This wasn't good.

She was really worried that she had lost everything.

My Inconsistent Backup Routine

I used to be a really big tech geek.  I know quite a bit about computers and have tried to stay up on technology.  The importance of data backup is something I know full well.

I have a pretty good backup system.  Or at least it was pretty good until cloud technology came along.

I back up all data from the computer to the external hard drive.  This is the same external hard drive that her digital files are on.

Then, I back that entire hard drive up to a network drive.

That means that there are two or three copies of everything.  It's a pretty good system.

The problem I've run into is that it's inconsistent.  I don't do it on a scheduled basis.  Sometimes it's every week. Other times, it can be months in between backups.

The last time I had run the backup was the first time I'd run it in over six months.  That could have been awful.

Luck Was On Our Side

When my wife told me about the problem, she was terrified.  She was afraid she'd lost months worth of files.

Then I told her when I'd done the most recent backup.  Two days ago.

That's right.  Two days.  It turns out that she hadn't even made any updates in those two days.  In other words, the entire file system was 100% backed up.

Had the drive started making noise even a couple of days prior, we would have been screwed.

I guess we did get lucky.  This time.

Next Steps So We Get Lucky Every Time

This reminds me that I do need to improve our backup methodology.

  1. Schedule – Even without changes, making a regular schedule would be well advised.  I definitely need to do this.
  2. Offsite Backup – The current backup is pretty nifty.  Except I have always thought that we'd be screwed if we ever had a fire or something destroyed our home.  All copies are located on site.   I've thought about backing up the network drive and keeping that somewhere else.
  3. Cloud – I could pay for cloud storage and make that the offsite backup.  I'm cheap, though, and haven't wanted to pay for it.  But, I guess it would be offset by not having to pay for the drive.  Plus, I could automate it.  So there are non-monetary benefits.

We got lucky with our latest failure.  I guess maybe my grandma was looking down on me.  At least that's what I like to think!

Readers, when did you get lucky with something recently?  Do you find luck is on your side regularly? Or are you like me and amazed when luck comes your way? Let me know in the comments below.  Thanks for reading.