Expenses For Maternity Clothes Haven’t Been Too Bad

Danielle asked how we’ve managed with the cost of maternity clothes for my wife during her pregnancy.

The answer: Not too bad.

Quite honestly, my wife didn’t start showing until about the fifth month, and only just recently has been to the point where her regular shirts don’t fit her anymore. She’s just now entering month eight.

She is taller, so the way the midwife explained is that the baby has more room to grow ‘up and down’ where with shorter women, they have no choice but to push the belly out.

What’s been lucky for us on top of that is that my wife has a smaller waist, and she hasn’t put on a lot of weight on her hips or butt, so she was able to wear a lot of the pants. She has bought a pair of maternity jeans, and was also wearing stretchy pants, but outside of that, we have been pretty lucky. She did use the ‘Belly Band’, available at maternity stores, which basically is a piece of spandex that grips the pants and belly and holds everything in place, allowing you to leave jeans or pants unbuttoned. It’s totally not obvious, and by the design, it just looks like a t-shirt hanging down.

When we did buy clothes, my wife has been fantastic about hunting down sales. We shopped a lot at Kohl’s, and a few other stores, and rarely bought anything that wasn’t on sale or that we didn’t have a coupon for.

I don’t have an exact dollar amount on maternity clothes spent so far, but I know I had thought it would be around $500, and it has been nowhere near that, so all in all, we’ve been pleasantly surprised!