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Save Time and Money by Scheduling Regular Eye Exams

Sight is arguably the most important sense. Yet, many don’t prioritize eye care. Whether it’s skipping routine eye exams or not taking advantage of employer’s vision benefits, people often neglect this crucial sense. Even if you don’t wear eyeglasses, vision care is an important factor in your overall health. Plus, keeping up with regular eye exams can result in significant time and cost savings over the years. Learn more about how eye exams can be good for both your health and your wallet.

Disease detection: regular eye exams save money – and lives

Eye-related diseases
Even if you feel your vision is fine, you may have issues that aren’t apparent. A professional eye exam is key in detecting vision problems such as Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration and Elevated Intraocular Pressure. Spotting the signs of these diseases through an eye exam can prevent them from developing or lead to earlier treatment which will likely be less costly than medical care for a disease that’s already progressed.

Non-eye-related diseases
Your eyes can also show tell-tale signs of other diseases not related to vision. Early symptoms of Diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension can all show up in the eyes, mainly in the blood vessels. Many people have these diseases for years without knowing, but a routine exam by an eye-care professional can diagnose them so the patient can begin treatment or make lifestyle changes to avoid the thousands of dollars in healthcare costs that could accrue if the diseases were left to progress into major health issues.

Time and productivity: taking the time will save you time

At work
In addition to saving you money in medical expenses, keeping up with regular eye exams will also result in time savings and greater productivity. The less time spent in doctor’s offices treating diseases that weren’t caught early on, the more time you’ll have to be at work earning a living. Plus, not seeing as well as you could end up hurting your productivity or performance at work. Whether your eyeglasse prescription needs to be updated or you’re experiencing eyestrain or eye fatigue, vision-related problems can take their toll over time.

At school
For children, ensuring satisfactory vision and an up-to-date eyeglasses’ prescription will help keep them from missing crucial information being presented on the board. Children might not realize they’re not seeing things sharply since what they’re seeing seems normal to them. Therefore, even if they don’t complain about having vision problems, insist on regular eye exams so you’re sure. Kids who can see clearly will have better comprehension and spend less time asking for clarification on the things presented that they misunderstood or couldn’t see.

Next steps: be proactive and take advantage of benefits

With the cost of healthcare rising every day, it’s understandable why some people put getting an eye exam on the backburner. If you have vision benefits through your employer however, definitely take advantage of them. Many optical chains allow you to schedule an online eye exam making it easier and more convenient than ever to get this important appointment on your calendar.

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