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Fall is not my favorite season.  I'm definitely a summer guy.  I like warm temperatures, beaches, and long days.  Still, fall has a lot of fun things.  One of those has been to head to the cider mill.

I wrote a pretty discouraging article a couple of years ago about a cider mill ‘gone bad'.  They took a bunch of long standing traditions and scrapped everything in the name of money.  It was obvious that customers were just dollar signs.

Still, I knew that while some places turned to the dark side, not everybody would.  There had to be good cider mills out there.  Cider mills that stayed true to the roots of good cider, donuts.  And some good apple picking was a bonus as well.

We Found Our New Cider Mill

image from MorgueFile courtesy of AcrylicArtist

My wife and daughter tried a place out last year, and loved it. My son and I were off doing something, so we didn't get to try it as a family until this year.

It's called Hy's Cider Mill.  It's about half an hour from our house.    We went and absolutely loved it.

Apple Picking

First on the agenda was apple picking.  They charged by the pound.  They were absolutely cool with us taking one basket per family. We could take a ride to the apples or walk.  Since the apples we wanted were close, we just walked.

It was all low pressure and lots of fun.  On top of it, we got some great family photos as well!


Cider and Donuts

Next up was cider and donuts.  We stood in a very short line.  We ordered a gallon of cider and a dozen donuts.  They asked how many cups we wanted.  We grabbed a bunch of napkins.  No charge for either!

And when we went to pay by credit card, no problem.  They didn't shuffle us off to an ATM conveniently located on property.

We headed outside and found a picnic table.  They were plentiful.  We enjoyed some great cider and probably the best donuts I've eaten.  Everybody had two!

Play Time

The place had some really large hay bales rolled up.  They put a few out near the picnic tables, which was great fun.  The kids loved climbing up.  My wife and I even hopped up and got a few more pictures.

A Great Day

In the end it was a great time.  It helped that the weather was great.  Everybody was in a good mood.  Nobody felt nickel and dimed.  Nobody felt rushed.  We all enjoyed some great cider and donuts and left feeling satisfied.

Since the place has been in business for years, presumably they're making money.  Imagine that, treating customers right and still managing to turn a profit.

Some places need to take a lesson.