February 2015 At The Gym: Solid Running Results

I started off the year looking to log my running totals and exercise results for the year.  January was a good month, and I’m pleased to note that February was a success as well!

My Goals

My goal for the first several months of the year is to concentrate exclusively on running.  I think that this will yield the best results in getting my weight and body fat percentage adjusted to where I’d like, and will also get me in a very good routine, and routines become habits, which are harder to break.

I set a goal to run between 50-55 miles this month, after logging 63 miles last month.  With the month three days shorter, that’s effectively the same pace.

My Results

I am happy to report that I logged 56.0 miles last month, so I was just over the top end of my goal range, and I was very happy.

Here are the overall stats with last month’s stats in (parentheses):

Number of Runs: 14 (16)
Total Miles: 56.05
Overall Time: 10 hours, 13 minutes, and 58 seconds (11:50:57)
Total Calories Burned: 7,417 (8,443)
Pace While Running: 10m13s per mile (10m31s)

Running Notesmb-2015-01-treadmill

I’m very happy with my improved pace.  I can definitely tell that I am able to run at higher speeds for longer periods of time.  I was very happy to see an improvement in the number of times that I broke the 10:00 per mile pace.  Last month, I broke it just one time (6.2%), whereas this month I broke it six times (42.9%), and five of my last six runs saw me break that mark, indicating that I should expect to hit that regularly moving forward.

Weight Loss / Body Fat Check In

I started off the year at 165 pounds and 19% body fat (according to our bathroom scale), and I am now at 159 pounds and 17.5% body fat.  Those are some nice numbers.

My goal is to hit around 155 pounds, and somewhere in the 15-16% body fat range.

Non-Running Activities

While I set the first three months as exclusively running, I did start to look around the gym and start testing out some of the other things available, more to see what I like versus actually getting into a routine just yet.  They have many weight machines, free weights, and also a room for a 12-minute ab workout, and another room that is identified as “Core Training”.

I am pretty familiar with the machines and free weights, so I gave the ab room a workout (it hurt a lot two days after the workout!), and also looked around the Core Training room.  The Core Training room looks pretty awesome, but it’s pretty intimidating at the moment.  They have training classes available and there are some that concentrate on that room, and I’m definitely interested in learning more, so hopefully I can sign up. For now, I figure spending some time in the room and getting a feel for what to do by watching other people will at least start getting me familiar.

March Goals 

  1. I would like to continue things along for running, and since we’re back to a longer month, I will set a range at 55-60 miles total running.
  2. I’d also like to break the 10 minute mile in over two-thirds of my workouts.  Also, I’d like to break the 9:50 mark in at least one or two workouts.  Even though I’m breaking the 10 minute mark more often, my personal best so far as been a 9:52 pace.
  3. I’d like to do a few more workouts with weights, abs, or core training to start easing into that.
  4. I’d like to get to 157 pounds and 16-17% body fat readings (I’ve given up ‘treats’ for Lent which includes pretty much all candy, cookies, and other sugary snacks, so I’m hoping that this helps me along as far as this goal goes)

Wish me luck!

Readers, how are your fitness goals going so far? If you’ve missed out on your goals so far, do you plan on recommitting?

12 thoughts on “February 2015 At The Gym: Solid Running Results”

  1. Good job! When you start to lift weights, you will probably slow down the weight loss because muscle weighs more. Keeping the routine is almost as important as the results.

  2. Great job on sticking to it and losing weight! I normally don’t run, but if I have a lot on my mind or am frustrated about something, nothing beats running! Now that I have broken free of my day job, I need to start getting more exercise into my routine. I am horrible at sticking with an exercise plan. But I gotta stop making excuses!

  3. Looks like you’re keeping it up this year, and making measurable progress. That’s always nice to see, in terms of quantitative proof of success.

    I’ve had success this year in losing weight, about 9 pounds this year since January 1. My exercise routine hasn’t changed much, but being mindful of nutrition has made a big difference.

  4. Great job on the progress!!! I’m slowly but steadily working towards my goals as well…I’m coming off a knee injury, but am making solid progress on my marathon training (June). Keep on keepin on!

  5. I’ve missed a lot on my workout routine due to my hectic schedule since the year started and yesterday I was thinking of fixing my schedules so that I can recommit on gym.

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