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Life insurance payouts are not automatic. If you are the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, you need to contact the insurer and file a claim to collect the benefits of the policy. This concept is an important one to understand, as buying life insurance does not protect your loved ones unless you make sure they know that the insurance policy exists and how to file a claim. Whether you're the insured person or the beneficiary, it's important that you understand how the claims process works.

You may think that many people already understand life insurance claims, but many people don't have experience with life insurance claims and don't know much about the process. For example, in a survey by Health IQ, only about one-third (35 percent) of respondents understood one important situation that could delay benefits payouts. You can test your knowledge of the life insurance claim process, and perhaps learn some important points along the way, by taking a short quiz from Health IQ.

Health IQ is a life insurance agency founded specifically to offer savings for health-conscious people in a manner similar to the savings on auto insurance available to people with good driving records. The Health IQ website features an in-depth FAQ section where you can find detailed information about buying life insurance, including tips on choosing the right policy, understanding the terms insurers use, and more. You'll also find details about the lower rates Health IQ can offer you as a health-conscious life insurance consumer.