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This is such a cool way to make money, I had no idea you could sell your hair and make this much money from it. I have long hair and am thinking about following these steps to make money off of it! It's way easier than I thought it would be, too.

About 5 months ago, I mentioned that I cut my hair (you can see the ponytail pics on that post) and planned to donate it to Locks of Love.  Well, I didn't.  While looking up their address, I found their FAQ section.  It takes 6-9 ponytails like mine to make one wig.  I decided I rather sell my hair than let it wait around for 5-8 other redheads to send in their hair.  But then life popped up, I forgot about my hair, and it got put in a bag on a shelf downstairs.

Selling My Hair

I found my ponytail on that shelf last week and decided to finally attempt to sell it.  I checked out Craigslist first, but there is no local market for human hair.  I was not surprised.  Then I checked out Ebay and found a ton of human hair for sale.  In fact, some of the auctions that were complete sold for $30-$60.  I figured that my red hair with natural highlights had a fighting chance for the high end of that scale, so I went ahead and listed it.  Here was my post:


Human Hair Ponytail – Red, Never Dyed, Never Treated!!!

This is literally the hair off of my head!

As you can see from the picture, the ponytail is 14 inches or longer but the wave makes it curl at the end and look like a solid 12 inches plus a bit.  Here are the rest of my details:

  • I am Caucasian
  • I am categorized as a strawberry blonde red head
  • My hair has a natural wave
  • My hair has never been dyed or chemically treated
  • I use Pantene ProV Shampoo and Conditioner
  • I do not smoke and live in a smoke free home
  • My hair has more natural blonde highlights than the picture could capture
  • I grew this out from age 24 to 28 before going back to a shorter hair cut

I do get things shipped out in 2 days or less!  My ponytail will be placed in a plastic bag and then shipped in a well-padded envelope or box.


I included a few pictures, set the post for 7 days, and listed the starting bid at $9.99 on Saturday, August 13th.  It received a bid for the $9.99 within the first few hours of being up, so I was pretty hopeful.  But then nothing happened for a couple of days.

My Hair Auction

When I checked in last Wednesday, it had received another bid and was up to $15.51.  That made me feel a little bit better about offering free shipping, but I didn't check in again until last Friday.  It had gotten up to $31.01.  I was happy it had finally broken the $30 target, but I was still thinking it was being under-valued since my hair is thick, soft, and actually one of my best attributes.

So last Saturday, August 20th, I started checking in on the bidding between blog duties.  I'd answer a few emails and then check the listing.  Still $31.  I'd write a few paragraphs for staff writing and check my listing.  Still $31.  Grrrr.  Finally, 30 minutes before my auction was up, a few more bids came through that took my hair from $31 to $42 to $51.51!  Woot!  I was finally at the high range for recently sold hair!

I was pretty happy and went and finished the staff writing post I was working on.  About 45 minutes later, I realized I had not checked in to see how much my hair finally sold for.  My husband actually brought it up.

I literally said, “It was at $51 half and hour before wrapping up, let me see…it sold for…HOLY MOLY, IT SOLD FOR $101.99!!!”.

My husband asked if I was kidding, but I wasn't!!!  My hair sold for $102!!!

There was a little bidding war right at the end and a nice woman from Reading, PA won my hair!  She had even already paid!  I immediately packaged up my hair for USPS and then emailed her to say thanks and to let her know I was shipping it out first thing Monday morning.  She replied that she appreciates the speed since she was in the middle of finishing a couple of baby dolls for a customer.  So my hair is going to some dolls.  🙂

I asked if hair normally sells for that much and she said that red hair is more expensive than the rest and most hair is usually sold for $30 or more an ounce.  My ponytail was 3.6 ounces and being sold all at once, so she thanked me for getting a good deal!  Who knew?!

My Profit

After Ebay took their 8%-9% cut and Paypal took their little 3.9% bite as well, my $101.99 became a grand total of about $89.  Oh well, it was $89 that I didn't have before and a doll maker in PA is pretty happy.  🙂

Have you ever thought about selling your hair?  I will admit that I am impatient to grow mine back so I can sell it again, lol.  Only about 3 years to go… This is such a cool way to make money, I had no idea you could sell your hair and make this much money from it. I have long hair and am thinking about following these steps to make money off of it! It's way easier than I thought it would be, too.