Five Money Updates – July 2017

How’s everything going in the money world?  I realized that I’ve been talking more on the lifestyle side of things and not as much as money.  I guess that happens after writing for so many years!  I just don’t like repeating myself.  But we have had some money updates over the past few months.  Here’s a few things going on.

We Refinanced Our Mortgage

We were in a 15 year mortgage with a payoff date in 2026.  This let us pay off a good chunk of our balance.  However, it wasn’t leaving us a good deal of cash flow, so I thought of a refinance.  I wasn’t interested in a home equity loan because of the cash flow issue.  With rates practically the same as our original loan, we decided to move forward with a refinance.  Since we used the same company, we also got $1,000 off of our closing costs.  The process was very smooth.

We Got New Appliances

We’ve been looking at new appliances for a couple of years.  Our fridge space was too small, so we were looking at an upgrade.  We ended up pulling the trigger over Memorial Day.  Sales were really good and we ended up getting a stove and microwave as well.  Why?  So we could have matching stainless steel in our kitchen.  I guess this probably means stainless steel will officially go out of style now after all these years!

Our House Needs Painting

The exterior of our house is primarily brick and vinyl.  But the trim around the edges and soffets is wood, and it’s looking pretty bad.  A number of pieces are rotted, so we need to find someone that can do light carpentry, caulking and painting.  I’ve got two referrals and will be looking for a couple of more.  Hopefully we can get this done before fall.

We’re Going To Mexico

It’s hard to believe but we’ll be celebrating our ten year wedding anniversary in September.  It’s been an amazing

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journey.  We started saving a couple of years ago so that we could do something special.  We never decided just what that was until we settled on a trip to Mexico!  We booked at an all inclusive resort through Costco, and will be using accumulated Southwest points to take care of our airfare.  This is the first trip out of the country together.  In fact, we both needed to get passports, which we recently did!

I Got A Raise

It was nice to get an announcement last week that I’m getting a 3% raise.  That won’t turn me into a mogul or anything, but it’s nice to keep up with inflation.  This is the largest raise I’ve received in a while, so I won’t complain one bit!

How are things in your neck of the woods?  Post your money updates in the comments below.  Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Five Money Updates – July 2017”

  1. Wow. Looks like you’re getting a lot of capital improvements to the house at once, and at the same time as a refi. I suppose it makes sense to get all that done at the same time.

    Also, congrats on the anniversary 🙂

    My July is moving pretty slowly, as I pay for and deal with this surprise illness for another month.

  2. I got a stainless steel fridge, stove, microwave, and dishwasher too recently! For the same reason, the fridge was too small- wanted more freezer space, but now I’ve filled the freezer space up already lol.

    I think there’s a new trend instead of stainless steel now, “slate” which seems a bit darker than stainless steel.

    I still like the look of stainless steel and it makes me happy when I look at my kitchen lol.

    Hope you are enjoying your kitchen and congrats on the 10 year anniversary!

    • It’ll be interesting to see if stainless steel goes out of fashion anytime soon. I think sometimes they try to come up with something new to force a new look, but it doesn’t always catch on. I remember for a brief period they tried rolling out silver instead of black for TVs and DVD players. It never caught on and soon enough black was back. I like the slate look but I’m not sure it’s going to usurp stainless steel. We’ll see!

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