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Five Ways to Find Quick Cash and More Savings

Claire Matthews

Financial Advisor, MoneyBeagle

Five Ways to Find Quick Cash and More SavingsIf you want to improve your chances of achieving financial freedom, you should start by finding ways to get your hands on some additional cash. You also need to improve your ability to save money if you want to create lasting changes to your finances. If you are considering consolidating your debt, it’s important you start implementing good saving behaviors before you consolidate your debt – you don’t want to continue to make the same mistakes in the future.

This guide provides you with simple ways to improve your income and begin saving for the future. Have a look at all the different suggestions we have – you’re sure to benefit from a few!

Ways to Find Quick Cash

If you’re like most Americans, you’re probably always on the lookout for some extra cash. It’s good to increase your revenue whenever you possibly can. It can do a great deal for your financial health if you’re earning additional income on the side. Below we have provided our top ways to accumulate some extra cash – have a look!


Do you have a skill that you don’t take full advantage of? If you can illustrate, write, or program computers, you may have an opportunity to freelance online. There are plenty of freelance sites that put you in contact with legitimate clients. They provide payment processing and safety for both sides. It’s a great way to earn some cash in your spare time.

Side Business

Start a side business that you can use to help accumulate additional revenue. You can provide a subscription service, or set up a website that generates some form of revenue. There are millions of different businesses you can start if you want to make some quick side cash.

For example, did you know that plenty of cities in the United States don’t allow people to recycle glass? You can start a subscription service where you pick up glass from people’s homes and recycle it for them. It may sound like a long shot, but more and more people are environmentally aware. If you advertise your business correctly, anything can be successful!

Ride Sharing

If you have a car, you can sign up for ride sharing services like Lyft or Uber. These services provide their drivers with the ability to make cash on the side. You could turn on the app on your way back from work and pick up a few rides in the hour it takes you to get home. Ridesharing has proved to be a solid stream of side-income for plenty of people in countries around the world. Many ridesharing platforms allow you to cash out at any stage – this means you can get your cash quickly.

Ways to Save

What good is earning more money if you don’t know how to save any of it? Below are our top ways to save money for the future!

Cut Down Subscriptions

One of the easiest ways to save money is to cut down on the subscription services that you currently have. It can be extremely easy to sign up for subscriptions and forget about them. Monthly subscription fees may not sound like much, but they add up quickly. Look at your bank statements and determine which subscriptions you don’t use. This only takes a matter of minutes and can end up saving you a serious amount of money throughout the year.

Contact Your Service Providers

If you’ve been on the same phone, internet, or television program for several years, you may be overpaying for your service. Head online and check out what rates are currently being offered by your provider. They thrive off having customers who never question the rate they pay.

If they don’t have any cheaper rates, consider changing providers. Many offer new customer specials that can save you a lot of money – try not to get tied into any long-term contracts though!

Mobile Applications

As with almost anything, there are plenty of apps available to help you save more money. Millions of Americans have been turning to different money saving apps to improve their success. You’ll find there are a range of different mobile applications that can help you save money effectively. They provide advice, as well as allow you to customize automatic saving mechanisms to simplify the entire process.

Check out DCL’s best money saving apps before you leave our site!

Eat at Home

One of the primary ways people waste money is through eating out at restaurants and fast food eateries. We understand how convenient it can be, but it’s killing your wallet. It may not seem that much cheaper to buy food from the grocery store – but it is when you consider you can make much larger meals that last for days. If you eat out a lot, a large portion of your income is being wasted on unhealthy and expensive food. Do the right thing for your body and your wallet and start eating more at home.

Use Online Coupon Providers

There are plenty of great online coupon providers that can save you heaps of money on any online purchases. Many Americans don’t realize that there are entire websites devoted to saving them money online. If you use online coupon sites, you can search for specific companies and find out if they have any offerings available. These sites collect coupon codes so you can reuse them for yourself — it’s a great way to save money on food and retail items!

Debt Consolidation

A consolidation loan can help you save money on interest and fees. If you currently have a few different high-interest debts, you can move them into a single payment at a reduced interest rate. This is a great way to help you reduce your overall expenses in the future. It will also help you improve your credit score!


There’s never a better time to start saving than now! The longer you put off the process, the worse it will get for you. Make sure that you get as creative as possible when trying to find extra revenue sources and saving techniques – there are more ways to improve your financial health than you know!

If you need any more advice on debt consolidation or saving, check out some of the other content we have on our site where we cover things like how to pay off credit card debt fast!

Claire Matthews

Claire Matthews

Financial Advisor, MoneyBeagle

Claire is a noted financial writer and author of hundreds of articles about personal and business finance. Before getting her MBA, she graduated with a BS in Economics. Her coursework focused on the different ways that debt, debt structure, and debt restructuring affect micro and macro-economic issues.

Upon graduation, she took a job at an investment bank that worked with municipal and county governments to help them reorganize and structure their debt so they could continue to provide essential city services.

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