Five Ways To Make More Money

Everyone wants to make more money. Often times we look around and see other people doing well, and we want more for ourselves. This is natural. But how do we make more money? Here are a few quick ideas. These are not guaranteed to work, but if you don’t try, there’s no opportunity for success

Ask For A Raise

If you have been at your job for awhile, and haven’t gotten a raise, why not ask? The worst your boss can say is no, right?

The best time to ask for a raise is when you are providing maximum value for a company. If you’re in the middle of a major project, that could be a good time. The last time I asked for a raise, this was exactly the scenario. The company knew that if I left, it would slow the project down and they could potentially miss target dates. As a result, the 10% raise I asked for was quickly approved.

Consider A New Job

If you aren’t getting the answer you want when asking for a raise, consider looking around. Do you have great skills that another company might pay more for?

Many people find that you can’t get a big bump in pay without moving around. If you think this time is near, look around and see what job opportunities exist.

Just remember to be careful, though. If you move jobs, you’ll be starting over, and will be the ‘new person’ at whatever company you work for. You also might be starting off with less benefits, such as retirement match or time off. Make sure to weigh all of these items.

Also, make sure the raise you’re seeking is enough. A 10% jump might seem great, but what if the market is supporting 20%?

job interview or meeting
Looking for a new job or asking for a raise can help you make more money.

Start An Online Business

More and more of everything is done online these days. Are you taking advantage of your skills to get a piece of the puzzle?

Blogs can offer some revenue opportunities through ads or targeted informational posts. Webinars can bring in subscribers if you carve out a niche in an area of expertise. Even a YouTube channel can allow you place targeted ads within your posts.

Many online business opportunities take time to develop. If you have an immediate need for extra income, this may not be the way to go. But, if you develop your business and grow it effectively, it has the opportunity to pay off handsomely in the long run.

Do Odd Jobs

I’m on Nextdoor, which is a site where surrounding neighborhoods can post information and requests for help. There are always people looking to pay others for work around their homes. Whether it’s shoveling snow, cutting grass, painting a room, or doing various household repairs, cleaning work, or other such tasks, there is an opportunity for work.

These can be great, because they can often be done as a one-time and quick thing. You may not have to enter into a seasonal contract to cut someone’s lawn. Instead, you might be able to help someone out that is going away for a week and needs one-time assistance.

Learn New Skills

Haven’t you seen someone do something and thought to yourself that you could do that? Whether it’s a function at work or watching someone do something around the house, there are always new things to learn. These new things can help you make some extra money.

You might think that this is working in the opposite direction, since training costs money. This isn’t always the case. Many employers have access to webinars or other training that is free. If you’re looking for training on things around the house, check your local home improvement store. They always have hands-on training for common fixes.

These are just a few ideas of ways that you can make more money. Everybody could always use some additional cash, right?

Readers, what are some things you recommend for people looking to increase their income? What measures have you taken that have helped you make more money? Let me know in the comments below.

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