Fix Financial Hiccoughs In The New Year

More than just your waistline could be hurting after a very merry holiday. The season has a way of getting out of control despite your best efforts. Between travelling, handing out presents, and all of the extra seasonal fun that come your way, you can end up going over budget. Before you know it, it’s a new year and you’re stuck with the financial consequences of last year . At least there’s an easy way to fix your financial discretions, and it all starts with a direct lender.

Why A Direct Lender?

Direct lenders are quickly becoming a preferred alternative to conventional lenders.  Why?  Reasons include their quick and convenient processes. Many traditional, brick-and-mortar lending companies still rely on in-person meetings. A direct lender has eliminated these time-wasting elements from their practice.

They still require basic financial information.  However, they collect it online through a simple application form. If there’s any data they need to verify, a representative will call at a convenient time and clarify them. Millions of Americans prefer these methods to the bureaucratic red tape of the nation’s top banking institutions.

By conducting the majority of their business online, direct lenders can connect you with the money you need quickly. Their applications shouldn’t take longer than 20 minutes to fill out.  You’ll usually know if you qualify almost instantly. Then, they will deposit your funds within one business day. This efficient and speedy response means you won’t have to wait. Instead, you’ll have the money you need before the your bills are late.

What To Look For

These basic features are shared by most direct lenders across the States.  Just know that each company will differ slightly from the next. In some cases, direct lenders will stand out because of the predatory rates and fees that are associated with their products.  These regulations were put in place to protect consumers by limiting the rates, terms, and interest allowable on their products. You can go online to learn about online direct lenders.

Confirm with your lender if even the state-regulated rates and terms are something you can accommodate in your budget. Once you have a small dollar loan or personal line of credit at your disposal, you can easily tackle the leftover bills from an overeager holiday.

2 thoughts on “Fix Financial Hiccoughs In The New Year”

  1. That spelling of hiccup caught my eye. I didn’t even know there were two different ways to spell it. Interesting. 🙂

    While not a huge fan of any sort of debt, another option for a loan would be peer-to-peer lending. I haven’t borrowed in that manor but I have thousands of dollars that I’ve lent out via that process. Prosper is who I use personally and recommend that people check out as an option.

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