Fixing A Little Thing Is Easy And Can Keep You Happy

Do you ever get sick of where you live?  Not sick where you want to pack up and move, but just where it gets sort of….blah.

That happens every now and then.

Some people have a great fix for when this happens: They go through and make a big change.

That’s fine if you can afford it and in some cases, the changes really are justified, but other times, you really don’t need to make a change.

Last week, I was feeling that way about the house and I realized that something little was bothering me.

I came home and closed the door from the garage behind me, hearing it squeak.  Went into the kitchen and got the cat food, which I took down to their bowls, came up and closed that squeaky door behind me.  I went up to our room to change, closed the bedroom door to hear…squeaking.  Went into the closet door to hang up my clothes, and of course that door squeaked too.  Finished up in the bathroom for my fifth squeaky door.

Turns out, squeaky doors are annoying especially when you hit all the doors in the house that happened to be squeaking.

I decided this needed to be dealt with!  I went out to the garage, grabbed my tub of grease ($3 at the auto parts store), a hammer, a screwdriver, and a couple of rags.  I went around popping out one hinge at a time, wiping it down, dabbing it with grease, sliding it back in the door, and wiping off any excess.

About twenty minutes and five doors later, there was not a squeak to be heard.

Now, every time I walk through a door I am happy to hear…nothing.

It took very little time.  It took probably five cents worth of grease.  It was one of the easiest things you can do around your house, and it made me happy.

It’s not going to keep me happy for very long. Eventually something else around our house will bother me, but for a few days of comfort with just a few pennies in cost, it was a great use of time and materials.

Do you ever find that something little goes a long way toward your outlook on something?

8 thoughts on “Fixing A Little Thing Is Easy And Can Keep You Happy”

  1. I’ve got a project that’s been bugging me for weeks, I just haven’t gotten around to it. I need to reattach the ventilation fan in my bathroom to the duct. We haven’t used it for a month, and it’s driving me nuts. I know when it’s done I’ll be so happy, but just starting the job is a pain.

    • That’s one that you want to get crossed off, using the fan is important, you don’t want moisture buildup in the bathroom!

  2. There are times when I also feel the same way about my home. When I am not having a good day, all the clutter around my home annoys me. During those times, I just try to clean up all the clutter and try to sell or throw away what I don’t need. I also rearrange my furniture so that my place will have a “fresher” look. Sometimes, doing these small things can really make a difference. Recently, my wife and I fixed up our daughters room (she will be here in January) it looks awesome and I get a sense of bride when I walk past her room now.

  3. It works for me too…I’ve had a few little things fixed recently…new screens for the windows and a new garbage disposal. I don’t want to spend any money since I’m renting but the landlord is pretty good about fixing any issue that comes up. I also feel blah sometimes at home and have found that a deep cleaning makes me feel 10x better about where I live (how do kitchens get so dirty so fast?).

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