Flat Panel TV Prices Set For A Big Holiday Drop?

I just read an article that a retailer survey indicates that prices on flat screen TVs will be dropping quite a bit between now and the end of the year.

That means that you could see some big savings if you are planning on any TV purchases around the holidays.

We’ve purchased two TVs in the past couple of years.  The first was a 19″ Sceptre for our television.  That has been pretty good though you can definitely tell there is nothing special about it.  There’s a lag between flipping channels, the digital channels that come through the cable connection can’t be input with the channel numbers (you have to go to a nearby channel and then channel up or down) and the picture is good but not remarkable.  Still, it’s a much better set than the small tube set that it replaced (whose sound was so screechy it was practically intolerable), and for the price, it was great.

The second set we purchased was a 32″ Samsung for our bedroom.  I spent a lot more time making sure we got a great set since that’s where we end up watching most of our TV.  I’m glad I waited because that set is simply awesome.  The menus and features are awesome, the picture is amazing, and the sound is very good, something that I found was a pretty common complaint for other mid-size TVs. With that experience, I would most definitely consider a Samsung first and foremost for any other TV purchase that we make that would be watched regularly.

We have no immediate plans to buy any new TVs, but if something breaks or a deal that can’t be passed up comes along (we have a budget for electronics made exclusively of credit card rewards money), it’s good to know that prices seem to be heading in a direction that favors the consumer.

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  1. good to know…i'm in the market for a big screen and was debating waiting around for holiday prices. Maybe I can add a couple inches for the same price!

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