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A few weeks ago I wrote about how our shower head had developed an annoying habit of whistling whenever we were showering, a problem that's gotten noticeably worse.

I did some digging and had some great advice from readers about trying to clean it out and remove deposits, so I finally set out to give it a go.

Getting the old head off was a cinch.  A couple of easy tugs with a pair of pliers loosened it up to where I could remove it easily.

Off to a great start!

I took out two pieces and noted the order and way that they fit in.  I used a couple of brushes to scrub out every area, both inside and outside of the head, that I could possibly reach.

Then, I soaked it for hours in a half vinegar and half water solution, which was the most common piece of advice.  I took the various pieces out a couple of times and brushed them again, hoping that the soaking would loosen them up, making the brushing more effective.

I did notice a few flecks that came off that were in the bucket, so this was encouraging.

After many hours, everything came out, was put back together, and was screwed back on (after applying some teflon tape over the threads).

Turned it on and…..



The encouraging thing is that replacing it will be really easy.  The discouraging thing is, of course, that it will cost money to buy a new head.

My guess is that maybe there's a hairline crack somewhere, or maybe a small piece broke halfway off and is wedged in one of the many jets.

Oh, well.  It was definitely worth a try and thanks so much to everybody that offered advice.