Fourteen Months And Counting

Hopefully I don’t jinx it, but I recently completed our monthly net worth review and we have had positive net worth gains for fourteen months running!  It truly has been a bull market!

Of course the bull market is a big contributing factor toward our gain.  Between our retirement accounts and investment accounts, we’ve definitely been taking advantage of the gains.  I only wish I had more to invest up front!

The housing market improvement has also helped, as I’ve estimated that our home has gone up about 9% in that time frame, which is based off of estimates from comparable homes that have sold in the neighborhood over the same time.

By The Numbers

Consecutive Months of Net Worth Gain: 14

Percentage Gain In Net Worth Over That Time: 38%

Rank in Net Worth Gains Since I Started Tracking Net Worth (January 2002): 2nd

Highest Number of Months of Net Worth Gain Since I Started Tracking: 17 (March 2004 through July 2005)

Just a few more months to break the record.  What do you think the chances are?

Have a great weekend!

5 thoughts on “Fourteen Months And Counting”

  1. I am terrible at predictions, however I think we re in for more volatility with QE ending soon (probably year end). I set up my asset allocation to hedge against some of the volatility by investing in biotech, high tech and healthcare. So far it has worked some what to counter the volatility.

  2. 14 months postive net worth gains…thats great. Congrats…I highly doubt we are jinxing it 🙂
    The chances of breaking a record? Its hard to tell. I would only say you keep investing as consistently as you have. All the best and have an awesome weekend!

  3. Wow! Excellent news.

    Things have gone pretty well around here, too, especially if you calculate in the steady increase in real estate values. But I’m not brave enough to do that kind of retrospective. 😀

  4. I would say that your chances of breaking your personal net worth record are pretty high. However, continuing that streak is inconsequential compared to the fact that you have increased your net worth percentage by 38% over the last 14 months. Good show Watson! Jolly good show!

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