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Why FreedomPop?
  • Offers a free plan with 500MB of 4G data with 500 texts and 200 calling minutes.
  • Paid plans are available for those who need more for their internet usage.
  • Affordable paid plans ranging from $7 to $20 per month.
  • Available in 25 countries worldwide with plans for further expansion.

Try FreedomPop

When you hear the term “FreedomPop“, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Do you think “a service provider for cell phones offering free data, talk, and text”? You do now. While it might seem too good to be true, that's exactly what FreedomPop offers. This article will provide you with everything you need to know, and more, regarding FreedomPop and its services. We will cover details of what FreedomPop is, what it offers, pros and cons, how to get started, and in the end, an overall view of FreedomPop in all of its glory. By the end of this article, you'll know whether FreedomPop is something you're in love with or something you'll walk away from.

FreedomPop Phone Plan ReviewAn Overview

In specific, FreedomPop offers a free monthly plan of 500MB of 4G data, 500 text messages, and 200 talk minutes. This might be hit or miss depending on your needs. Bear in mind that sending and receiving texts might use up some of the data. For some, this would be a great plan. For others, 500MB is not enough data to support their internet-using needs. The good news is that there are additional services offered for a fee. We'll get to that.

FreedomPop allows you to set up their plan on any device you may have, assuming your devices are compatible. We'll touch on this later, but your device must be compatible with either Sprint or AT&T in specific. If that's not an option, you also have the option to buy a device directly from FreedomPop, although your options may be limited. They offer Samsung and iPhone devices, but the inventory could fluctuate based on the rate other users are buying devices. It's kind of like thrift shopping. Nonetheless, the devices that they do sell are generally priced much lower than they would be elsewhere. FreedomPop allows you to use an app to manage your voicemails – you can store them after you listen to them. You also have the ability to connect to an unlimited hotspot and other devices.

Perhaps one of the more impressive FreedomPop features is the fact that this service exists in 25 countries. This is the only phone service to date to do this. Most services don't offer international services at all, which definitely brings a whole new level of uniqueness to FreedomPop. Expanding to even more countries is a plan currently in the works.

Plans Offered

FreedomPop won't meet the needs of every user, but it provides a solid opportunity to get a phone plan for a low price or free. The basic plan mentioned above comes to a whopping monthly price of $0. However, this plan doesn't offer very much data. Now, here's what FreedomPop won't tell you. You do get free services from this plan – the first year is free. After that, you'll be greeted with a monthly fee of $10.99. FreedomPop offers a few other plans with more benefits, but for a different price.

These plans are consistent in all areas. but the prices might be a little different depending on where you live.

One of these plans is a simple $5/month Wifi plan. It's exactly what it sounds like – instead of cell towers and data usage, everything you do on your phone requires a connection to wifi. This would surely prevent you from having to pay extra data fees; however, if you're stranded on a snowy back road in the middle of the night, you might be in trouble.

The next of these plans is called the Premium 1GB Plan. In this plan, you've got unlimited talk and texts as well as 1GB of data. This plan comes at a monthly price of $19.99. If you want even more data, you can purchase additional data for 1.5 cents per MB.

The third paid plan is called the Annual 1GB Plan and comes at a price of $79.99 annually, or $7 monthly. Any extra data comes at a price of 2 cents per MB. The cool thing about these plans is any data you don't use will roll over into the next month. However, it will cap at 20GB of data at most.

The last plan offered is a little unconventional, but might be useful in certain circumstances. In this plan, you put down a deposit for a mobile hotspot device, which then gives you 500MB of data for free each month. The deposit ranges anywhere from $40 to $130 depending on the device. In order to use the device, you'll have to provide an email address.

As with anything, you should consider the pros and cons of FreedomPop before dedicating yourself to it. The “free” factor is eye-catching, but you want to make sure switching to FreedomPop is worth what you're giving up in regards to your current phone plan.

Why FreedomPop?

Here's what's solid about FreedomPop.

1) There is a plan that is completely free. If you minimally use your phone, this would probably work for you. It would also serve as a good starter plan for your kids.

2) Even the other plans come at a low price. Both plans coming at $7 per month or $20 per month are significantly cheaper than plans offered through other phone services. Even the additional data cost is lower.

3) Going overseas? No problem. FreedomPop covers you internationally. If you're a traveler, you might find a friend in FreedomPop.

4) FreedomPop guarantees you your money back if you aren't satisfied with your service. This includes any devices bought from FreedomPop. There's no cancellation fee to return your device and cancel your service. This gives you the ability to try out FreedomPop to see if you like it before canceling your current plan.

5) You have the ability to earn extra data for free. FreedomPop has a feature called Freedom Friends. If you refer friends and they sign up for the service and keep it for a while, you get an extra 10MB of data monthly, per friend. Not only that, but you can take surveys and complete other offers in exchange for more free monthly data.

Things to Consider

Here's what might be negative about FreedomPop.

1) FreedomPop does cover internationally, but it isn't perfect. Even its coverage within the US can have issues sometimes.

2) The Sprint network actually fathers FreedomPop and partners with AT&T. You might know that Sprint and AT&T often can't compete with their competitors. Services are often slow and spotty, and may not always be reliable. FreedomPop doesn't lie to you, though. They don't claim to have fantastic service no matter what. In fact, you might find there to be a lack of information coming from the company, which may play a big part in why there are significantly few users of the service than any other phone services that exist.

3) To obtain services with FreedomPop, you have to sign up online. This can be a downfall as you're not able to look at any devices in person or ask any questions before signing up for any of the plans.

4) Customer service is only available 9 AM – 5 PM Monday through Friday. While this is standard for a lot of agencies, it might cause some inconveniences if you have issues at night or on the weekends. Another part of this is it's debatable whether customer service is actually that helpful when issues arise. With FreedomPop accruing an overall small amount of money, you can imagine customer service reps are either few in number or don't get paid enough to care.

5) You're allotted a certain amount of data to use each month. When you get down to your last 100MB of your data, FreedomPop automatically charges you $10 and adds additional data. Unless you're aware of this, this comes as a surprise. You aren't notified beforehand or when the charge takes place. Your best bet would be to access your FreedomPop billing settings and turn off this feature. It's unclear if these charges can be reversed after charging your account. Oh, and, you can enable notifications to help you keep all of this straight, but for a small monthly fee separate from your phone plan.

One question that has come up is about your phone number and if you need to get a new one. The answer is no, not if you don't want to. If you're changing carriers, you will be able to transfer your number to your new service with FreedomPop. However, if you're just testing FreedomPop and keeping your other carrier, you will need to get a different number because it doesn't usually work very well (or at all) to have the same phone number on 2 different devices. Take note, to transfer your phone number, you will need to pay a $10 transfer fee.

FreedomPop has no contract cell phone plans whereas bigger carriers often require you to lock into 1 or 2-year contracts. FreedomPop works month to month and does not fault you for backing out as other carriers do. In fact, you have 30 days to change your mind after signing up in order to get all of your money back. This is the only phone service to do this.

One more important thing to know: You can get penalized for inactivity on your free plan. You have to make at least one phone call every 60 days. You can also get charged a cent here and there for this and for other things such as not using enough data or if you owe money but don't pay it. The reason you'll get charged a cent serves a dual purpose; it keeps your account active, and it alerts you that you need to pay attention to your stuff for a minute.

FreedomPop Phone Plan Review

The Verdict

If you are looking to reduce phone costs and just save some money in general, FreedomPop is a company to keep in mind. Many discount phone services appear over time, but die out quickly. FreedomPop remains in the conversation. While there are other discounted phone providers, FreedomPop is the first to offer a free plan.

If you're not so concerned about using your phone all the time and you keep track of how much data you're using, FreedomPop might be a viable option for you. If nothing else, it can temporarily reduce phone costs if you find yourself in a financial bind. If you generally can't stay off your phone no matter what you do, run. Run far away from FreedomPop. You will find yourself paying for extra services left and right.

Although it's existed for a while now, FreedomPop isn't well known. However, it has made its way into the conversation lately and more and more people are finding themselves drawn to the free and cheap services offered. Take some time and do your research before you dedicate yourself to something. Especially with a company like this becoming more relevant, costs and services are going to fluctuate and change.

Keep in mind that you get 1 month after you start with FreedomPop to quit and get all of your money back, which could serve as a very good trial period for you to decide if you vibe with the service or not. This is a huge opportunity to form your own opinions and share that with others. At any rate, you get what you pay for, and when you're offered a list of features and services available for free, you have to expect that not everything is going to be perfect. Don't set high standards like you might for other paid services.


FreedomPop is a startup which aims to provide free internet, voice and SMS messaging. Based in Los Angeles, California, this wireless internet and mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) not only provides free services, but also sells phones, tablets and broadband services. Founded in 2011, this MVNO has raised around $109 million in funding and is growing aggressively without using traditional advertising and marketing. It also has serves other countries include the United Kingdom, Spain and Mexico.

If you want to compare MVNOs, you can also look into Simple Mobile, Tracfone, and Ting Mobile.

Free Internet and Phone Services

The company offers savings for its users, and has found a niche market. Consumers who are interested in FreedomPop services usually have questions about the company and its services offerings. The following are some of the answers to the most common questions.

What is FreedomPop?

FreedomPop is a cellular and internet service provider which offers the lowest possible charges to its customers. It uses other networks’ towers and bandwidth and the savings they incur is passed on to their subscribers.

Who Owns FreedomPop?

FreedomPop is a private startup founded in 2011 by Stephen Stokols and Steven Sesar. Since then it has raised more than $109 million in funding venture capitalists which include Intel, Mangrove Capital, DCM Capital, Atomico, Partech Ventures and Axiata.

How Does FreedomPop Work?

FreedomPop uses other networks for their infrastructure. They are able to offer lower voice and data plans because they use VOIP for their voice services. This lowers the cost of the service allowing the company to offer it at an even lower cost.

What Network Does FreedomPop Use?

In the United States, FreedomPop uses Sprint and AT&T networks to deliver its services. It started by using Clearwire’s 4G network. In the United Kingdom, it uses Three’s network. It also uses Orange with the MasMovil Platform, and Telcel.

What Towers Does FreedomPop Use?

In the United States, FreedomPop uses the Verizon and Sprint networks. It piggybacks on other companies’ cell service. This lowers their infrastructure costs and helps them offer lower prices to consumers.

What is FreedomPop Phone Premier?

FreedomPop Phone Premier is the best valued add-on service for mobile hotspot devices. It bundles the most popular services in one package to save money compared to separately signing up for each. It includes MMS and Group Messaging, Premium Voice Visual Voicemail, Online Security, Private Internet and others.

What is FreedomPop Premium Voice?

FreedomPop Premium Voice is an upgrade on the basic FreedomPop plan. It offers business owners better quality voice calls. Since FreedomPop uses the LTE network, there are some places where the service would be spotty due to lack of LTE support. Premium Voice works fine even without full LTE coverage.

How Does FreedomPop Make Money?

FreedomPop uses a freemium service business model where the initial or base plans are free. The user can continue using the service for free and cancel at any time. When they need more data, or other services, they pay for these services.

Is FreedomPop Available in Canada?

FreedomPop is not available in Canada as a service. However, if you have a FreedomPop account you can use the service when you connect via a local WiFi hotspot. Calls to the United States are treated as USA-to-USA calls.

Is FreedomPop Legit?

Yes, it is a legit company. It was founded in Los Angeles, California in 2011. It has raised funding from Intel, Mangrove Capital, Atomico, Partech Ventures, DCM Capital and Axiata. The company has raised over $109 million in funding.

Is FreedomPop Good?

FreedomPop is a unique service. It is good within the price range and market. With basic plans starting at $0 with 2GB to 10GB, if there is a need for more data, the user can upgrade to another plan.

How Good is FreedomPop Internet?

FreedomPop is uses the Sprint network for its internet services. It uses LTE which is faster than some DSL broadband services. The voice and SMS services also run through the LTE network, unlike in traditional telcos.

Does FreedomPop Use Sprint?

Yes. FreedomPop uses the Sprint network to run its voice, SMS and internet service. You can also use unlocked Sprint phones, and keep the number on the FreedomPop network. FreedomPop can port the number to their system. We also talk about Sprint deals in another article.

Does FreedomPop Use GSM?

Yes, FreedomPop uses GSM and runs on the AT&T network. FreedomPop also uses CDMA with Sprint networks. The GSM SIM is used to access LTE networks. The GSM is not used for voice, as it is exclusively used for its data access.

How is FreedomPop Internet?

FreedomPop internet service is free up to a certain cap. The free plan allows the user to connect to the internet for up to 500MB of data. If you need more data, the excess is charged according to FreedomPop’s monthly rates.

What is FreedomPop Premium Plus?

Premium Plus is the free trial package when you sign up with FreedomPop. It includes several services including Visual Voicemail, Data Rollover, Premium Voice and MMS and Group Messaging. If you only want the free service, you need to opt-out of the service.

Does FreedomPop Use SIM cards?

Yes, FreedomPop uses SIM cards. The SIM cards allow the phone to access the internet using LTE networks. You can buy the SIM card online. This is used for the voice, SMS and internet services.

Does FreedomPop Really Work?

Yes, FreedomPop really works. It offers voice, SMS and internet services and uses the LTE networks of other carriers. You would need to install the FreedomPop app to be able to make voice calls and send text message.

Does FreedomPop Work in Mexico?

Yes, FreedomPop has services in Mexico. It has a global SIM with free mobile data in the 25 countries, including Mexico, the United States and the United Kingdom. In Mexico, it uses the Telcel network.

Is Freedompop good for watching streaming services?

Multiple variables are involved with this such as phone type and the amount of data you have on your plan. Then there are the streaming services themselves. Some have said the Hulu limited commercials plan seems to work well. Using wireless internet service will keep data use down and cause fewer disruptions in the streaming service.

Setting Up Phones, Hotspot and Apps

As a MVNO, FreedomPop has different settings on its phones. It also uses a hotspot device to access the internet for its home internet users. It may sound more technical than it really is, but for free internet services it does require some user setup. The following are answers to questions about phones and apps.

What Phones Can Be Used With FreedomPop?

Phones from AT&T will work with FreedomPop. Most T-Mobile and Sprint phones will also work. Sprint phones should be out of contract with no outstanding financial obligations. T-Mobile phones must have been unlocked prior to use with FreedomPop.

Can FreedomPop Phones Be Used on Other Networks?

Yes, FreedomPop Phones can be used on other networks. If you have a dual SIM phone, you can still use your other SIM or phone number for calls, SMS or internet access. The FreedomPop SIM would have a separate number from the other SIM. Additionally, the FreedomPop voice and SMS makes use of the FreedomPop app.

How to Activate FreedomPop SIM?

To activate the FreedomPop SIM, you need to add the FreedomPop APN. Change the APN settings or add the APN on the phone before inserting the SIM. You also need to install the FreedomPop app in order to make calls and send SMS,

Does FreedomPop Work With Verizon Phones?

No. If the Verizon phone is still locked with the network, you cannot use the phone. It has to be unlocked first. You would also have to use the FreedomPop SIM with the phone, in order to use it.

Are FreedomPop Phones Locked?

Yes, FreedomPop phones are locked. It can be unlocked after meeting several conditions including using it on FreedomPop for at least six months. If you are serving in the military, it can be unlocked immediately upon presenting the deployment papers.

Can I Bring My Own Phone to FreedomPop?

If you have a Sprint locked phone, you can bring it with you to the FreedomPop network. If the phone is from any other carrier, you cannot activate it on FreedomPop. You can also use other phones which are not locked with any carrier. You only need to use the FreedomPop SIM. Look up where to sell old phones if you can't bring your phone to Freedompop so you can at least recoup some of he money from your old phone.

Can I Transfer My Number to FreedomPop?

Yes, you can transfer your current number to FreedomPop. You have to request the PAC code from your old network. This will be used when you use your number on your FreedomPop phone.

What is My FreedomPop Account Number?

The FreedomPop account number is the 10-digit phone number, the PIN is the last 4-digits of the phone number. Login to and click the menu icon located at the upper lefthand corner. Choose Settings, then click on Port Out Info.

How Long Does FreedomPop Take to Ship?

It can take up to 10 business days after you place your order for it to ship. After shipment, it can take another 3 to 7 business days. There is a tracking number for delivery of phones, hotspots and USB devices. SIM card shipments may not have a tracking number.

How to Set Up FreedomPop Hotspot?

The wifi portable hotspots need to be activated before using. If you bought the hotspot device from FreedomPop, you only need to turn it on. If it is a third-party device, locate the MEID number on the device, it can be found at the back or on the removable back cover. Input this number on the FreedomPop activate page. Enter your email address. Enter your data plan and your credit or debit card number. Once activated, you can use it to connect to connect to the internet.

How to Set Up FreedomPop SIM Card?

Make sure the FreedomPop app is not yet installed on your phone. Shut down your device. Insert SIM into the primary slot. Power on your device. Disable WiFi and check if you have a mobile data connection. Navigate to the app store and download FreedomPop Messaging (for Android) or FreedomPop Free Voice and Text (for iOS). Start the app, and check your account settings.

How to Port Number to FreedomPop?

Get your account and PIN number from your previous carrier. Your carrier must be active while the number is being ported to FreedomPop. Login to and click Devices. Click on Transfer Number and enter your number to check eligibility. Enter your billing information. Allow 24 to 48 hours to process.

How to Get FreedomPop SIM?

You will need to acquire a Sprint SIM and insert this into your phone. When you have a Sprint SIM card, contact FreedomPop to have them assign the SIM card number to your account. This will allow it to run on the FreedomPop 4G account.

How Does FreedomPop SIM Card Work?

The SIM card on the phone is used to access the 4G/LTE network. The FreedomPop voice, text and data runs on LTE networks. Without the SIM, the device may operate very slowly or may not be able to use the FreedomPop services.

How to Set Up FreedomPop APN?

On iOS, use the Safari browser and visit the https://www.freedompopcom/iosapn. Select country and product. Download the certificate file, and then tap Install. Tap Done when the install is complete. On Android, open Settings, and tap Mobile Networks. Choose Access Point Names. Click on Add or the “+” sign. Enter the access point URL, which depends on the network in use. Click save and return to previous menu. Choose FreedomPop APN.

Does FreedomPop Use Data to Make Calls?

Yes, FreedomPop uses data to make calls. However, the calls are not counted as part of the data consumed. The data is sent out as voice over IP (VOIP) and not the carrier’s voice lines.

How to Uninstall FreedomPop Messaging App?

The FreedomPop Messaging App is deleted in the same way that other apps are deleted. On Android, tap and hold the FreedomPop Messaging App until it starts jiggling. Drag the app icon to the uninstall icon. On iOS, touch and hold the app icon until it jiggles. Then tap on the “x” mark of the icon to delete.

How to Cancel FreedomPop?

FreedomPop does not have a contract for their plans, and allows the user to cancel at any time. To cancel, login at my., click on your name, then click on the settings icon. Choose Account Settings and click cancel.

How Does FreedomPop Home Internet Work?

The FreedomPop Home Internet uses the FreedomPop Hub Burst. This is the modem which is used to connect to the internet. Just plug in the Hub Burst, and it serves as a WiFi router as well. Connect in the same manner you connect to other Wifi.

Free and Premium Plans

Although FreedomPop advertises as a freemium service, it does have certain safeguards against possible abuse. This can be perplexing to users, and has garnered some flak from critics. Between the free and the pay plans, there are some other questions which consumers would like to know the answer to, including those listed below.

Does FreedomPop Have Unlimited Data?

No, the FreedomPop Premium Plus plans only have unlimited minutes and unlimited text messaging. The various Premium Plus plans have data caps which range from 1GB to 4GB. These plans also have data rollover which adds unused data volumes to the next month’s cap.

Is FreedomPop Really Free?

Yes, FreedomPop offers lower end plans which are free. It gives away a free data plan through a wireless hotspot. The service is free as long as the user is within the data limit. The basic plan is at $0 and has 200mb of data. You can use the plan without buying anything.

How to Change FreedomPop Plan to Free?

Log in to your account on Visit and click on “To downgrade, click here” located at the bottom righthand corner. You must have minimum account balance to downgrade your plan.

Where Can I Buy FreedomPop?

You can buy FreedomPop from online retailers. These include Adorama,, B&H,, Datavision, Grand St., Kmart, newegg, PC Mall, Sears, stacksocial, and TigerDirect. You can also go to the FreedomPop website and place your order.

How Much is FreedomPop a Month?

The base plan is free. The next higher plan has a cap of 1GB data, with unlimited call minutes and text messages, and costs $19.99. It also has a Premium 2GB ($24.99), Premium 3GB ($29.99) and Premium 4GB ($34.99). The best money saving apps may have some deals you can take advantage of on cell phone plans.

How to Sign Up for FreedomPop?

Go to FreedomPop and create an Account. There is a separate sign up page for individuals and for companies. On the personal account signup, you can choose to signup using your Yahoo, WordPress or OpenID account, or you can fill up the form with your personal data.

How to Make International Calls With FreedomPop?

FreedomPop has a separate plan for calling Internationally. The Global Plans allow the user to call more than 50 countries. With the Global Plan, use the FreedomPop app to make a call using the dialpad.

How to Return FreedomPop Phone?

You have to return the phone within 14 days of purchase. Login to the Support page. Fill up the form, and specify the reason for the return. Make sure all the sections are filled up. If the return is accepted, you will receive an email with an RMA number, and the address to ship the phone. Secure the equipment, including any accessories that came with it, in a secure box. Send the package to the given address.

How to Get FreedomPop Free Plan?

The FreedomPop Free plan is not the default plan. When you sign up you will have the Premium Plus 1GB plan. You have to downgrade the plan to the Free Plan in order to avail of the all-free services.

Your Title GoesHow to Get More Data on FreedomPop? Here

The basic $0 plan only has 500MB of data. If you need to have more data, you can sign up for the other paid accounts. An advantage of the plans is that the phone tops up when it approaches the limits of the data cap. This allows the user to continue surfing at regular rates.

How to Close FreedomPop Account?

FreedomPop Account does not have a contract and you can cancel anytime. Login to, click on your name, then click Settings. Select Account Settings and then click Cancel. You should also delete the FreedomPop apps on your smartphone.