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Why FreeTaxUSA?

  • It is unique software that enables you to prepare your own taxes.
  • It offers the most updated policies for federal and state tax filing.
  • It offers support for all kinds of income and different types of IRS forms.
  • It has an excellent customer support via phone or email.

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Advanced Technology Has Changed Tax Preparation

These days, taxes aren't exactly a picnic in the park. But having the right program or software, your experience won't be as bad as the years before. The Internet has made completing taxes pretty awesome. In other words, technology does make a difference in whether or not a taxpayer can learn those tax exemptions and itemizations on their own. With incredible instructions, it seems to have made “little accountants” everywhere. On average, taxpayers could end up saving up to $450 in tax preparation fees that could otherwise leave them owing to the Internal Revenue Service. In some instances, the software will take you right to a Schedule C. Depending on the region in which you live, your rates could be higher in the hands of a licensed professional.FreeTaxUSA Review

FreeTaxUSA seems to handle all of those quests to be a self-tax preparer. The program is strictly online and is available for those users who plan to print or e-file their Federal tax return. If you plan on filing a state return, your cost will be less than $20. That makes a huge difference when you own a small company that's just getting started in their field of choice. FreeTaxUSA started in 2001 and is in affiliation with the IRS. To stay current, the software provided by FreeTaxUSA reflects the most accurate changes that coincide with federal and state filing. To ensure the highest quality, FreeTaxUSA gets tested through the IRS. Basically, as users input their information, the software makes sure to be consistent with counting and working percentages. The goal is to get to that final “numeric figure” that will let you know if you have a return.

Free Is Always Good

It's good to take advantage of a site that will ensure that you follow the guidelines that will help you be precise on your returns. With the free offer, you can file 1040, 1040EZ, and a 1040A. But if you take it a step further, you can have the deluxe version which gives you the same offers but with the bonus choice of speaking to customer support. Through the deluxe version, you can email customer support for audit assistance. You can also file unlimited amended returns if you need them.

The customer support can walk you through audit assistance but it's best for you to scan and send a copy of what you have worked on to [email protected] The program looks for errors so you may not be as bad off as you think you are. But if there is something that you have done completely wrong on your taxes, the customer support will let you know as soon as they find out. Unfortunately, the audits do not include state taxes. Because of how complex some taxes can be, you can upgrade the version you are using at any time. The program even lets you upload your taxes from last year. Overall, you can't go wrong with choosing TaxFreeUSA. You have customer support when you need them. In fact, it's reasonable and reliable. TaxFreeUSA understands that you can get caught up on some answers, but if you follow directions, you should not have any major problems.

FreeTaxUSA Review

FreeTaxUSA Has Forms Like The IRS

These online tax services are a great way to prepare your own taxes instead of using traditional ways to file. The online site and app are easy for those who concentrate on how to fill out the forms for the IRS. For that reason, FreeTaxUSA supports different types of income that require different IRS forms. For instance, if you are filling out a Schedule C, you own your own business or your work for yourself. If you fall into one of these categories, you can use FreeTaxUSA:

  • S Corps
  • Social Security recipient
  • tuition
  • scholarships and grants
  • freelancers
  • W2 recipient
  • 1099 Misc
  • alimony recipient
  • lottery winner

For those who deal with installment sales, farm rentals, taxes for children, and prior tax credit, FreeTaxUSA doesn't provide forms that you need in order to complete your tax return. For more information, you can contact FreeTaxUSA through the mail at:


1366 East 1120 South

Provo, UT 84606

FreeTaxUSA Is Easy To Use And 100% Accurate

As long as your calculations are exactly what they need to be, you will have an accurate tax return. In other words, if you are supposed to put a certain dollar amount on a certain line on the form and it's correct, as long as you stay accurate with your data entry, you shouldn't have any problems filing. Therefore, FreeTaxUSA puts its stamp of approval on the site or the app. Their accuracy impressed the IRS enough that the state tax offices have approved using this to fill out taxes. As you go line by line, your taxes shouldn't take you months to complete. The customer support is there if you are uncertain about your results.

FreeTaxUSA Review

What To Deduct On Your Tax Returns

If you are self-employed or you own your own business, you have to make a decision to agree to the standard deduction protocol or would you rather itemize your deductions? Standard deductions pertain to what the IRS is willing to give your credit for. For instance, if you are a teacher, your standard deduction for classroom supplies may be $1200 every school year. But when you added up your receipts from your purchases, they were $915. After reviewing that section, you realized that it would be in your best interest to go with standard deductions in case there was a miscalculation or in case you lost any receipts. In addition to the previous example, a deduction could be from your tuition or your health insurance co-pays. When you start this section, you want your total to be greater than if you chose to itemize your deductions. This will help you get a better tax return. If you have an IRA or bank account that earns interest, there is a place on your forms where you can input the interest amount. If you have to skip a section because of filling out another section, that means you are following instructions. The form 1040 is like that to keep you on track when receiving your total.

If you have an LLC, you may need to consider standard deductions unless you invested a lot into your business on a regular basis. If you have a company vehicle, that's an indication that you may have to spend more in gas this tax year than last year. Depending on which is greater, your standard deductions and itemized deductions on your tax return matters.

For bigger corporations, your deductions will be through charity as well. Sometimes, the IRS will ask you to show copies of where you have donated. In most instances, they get the taxpayer to mail those copies along with your completed tax form. With FreeTaxUSA, you can always ask customer support for assistance. Better yet, once you have completed your taxes, there is a CPA that volunteers in your local library to help those who have completed their own tax return on their own. You should have them look over your form and make sure they would send it off to the IRS if they did the work. The CPA's help doesn't cost at all. That's why FreeTaxUSA is an excellent starting point for new businesses or individuals that would like to do their own taxes. For a business, it's a great way to learn about what the IRS expects to see from your company every year.

Students in college will find it interesting to file their own taxes by using their 1098-T from their school. The college that they attend will either mail it to them or email it to them. It helps you get more back on your tax returns. If you need to amend a tax return for a prior year, you can use FreeTaxUSA once you have the paperwork from the IRS. The CPA will be glad to look over your work and find any mistakes that you may have within your tax return. Remember, FreeTaxUSA is accurate with the totals, you have to be accurate with your data entry. If you have any more mistakes on your tax forms, the IRS will flag them for you and send them to you in the mail.

FreeTaxUSA Review

Your Refund Is On The Way

With FreeTaxUSA, you can e-file your return and expect a direct deposit within 6 weeks. The IRS will double check your work. If you feel like you have made an error when filing your taxes, the IRS will let you know immediately. They will write you a letter and expect you to respond as quickly as possible. But as soon as “Uncle Sam” approves it, you will see your tax return in your bank account. If you decide to mail your returns into the IRS, you will receive a return in about 60 days. Either way, your reward for working hard all year has finally made its way to you simply because of FreeTaxUSA. In addition to using your bank account, you can have your funds loaded on a pre-paid debit card. If you want to know the exact date that you will receive your tax returns, you can call the Internal Revenue Service and speak to a specialist directly.

FreeTaxUSA Has An Online App

Conveniently, there is a TaxFreeUSA app that goes in depth about the company and about how to fill out each line on your tax form so you can file taxes online. It's important for any user to find out if they are filling out the correct form. If you are unsure, you can call the IRS directly and ask them which form is correct. Once you find out, you can sign up for a plan on TaxFreeUSA or an upgraded plan. You will have customer support and an online app that is very easy to use. If you are an independent contractor or you are self-employed, this app is great for you to use as well. You can also keep your receipts and add up everything that you need to be itemized. After that is complete, you plug in your answers. It's really that simple!


TaxFreeUSA allows a taxpayer to save money while filling their own taxes out. With the error monitor, you have a pretty good chance of being accurate. As you continue to use the site, you can upgrade to a better plan that offers more customer support through the email and on the phone.

TaxFreeUSA is proud to be affiliated with the Internal Revenue Service. That simply means that you can e-file or mail your tax forms directly to one of their offices. If there is any discrepancy in what has been prepared, the Internal Revenue Service will reach out to you through the mail to get you to call them or go by one of their offices. With the easily downloaded app, you can work on your taxes anywhere. It's not a bad deal for those who are wanting to save cash to spend it elsewhere. If you need a pin from the IRS, you can call and request one. Most of the time, they will send you one to include with your tax forms.

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General FreeTaxUSA Questions

In this section, you will find commonly asked questions pertaining to general FreeTaxUSA information.

What is FreeTaxUSA?

FreeTaxUSA is a tax preparation service website online. It is one of the fastest growing tax websites used today and is authorized by the IRS to be an e-file service provider.

What bank does FreeTaxUSA use?

FreeTaxUSA doesn’t use a single bank for transactions or tax returns. Any refunds issued come directly from the IRS unless refunds are selected to have fees deducted from the refund.

How is FreeTaxUSA free?

FreeTaxUSA, similar to other tax service providers, are able to offer their services free of charge due to ads placed on the site to supplement any income lost. The only fee you will have to pay is the $12.95 filing fee for a state return.

With FreeTaxUSA, how much are copies?

A FreeTaxUSA copy of a tax return or a copy of information files will cost of $50. This copy will include an exact copy of your tax return directly from the IRS, which includes all schedules and attachments.

At what age can you use FreeTaxUSA?

In order to use FreeTaxUSA, you have to be a minimum age of 18. However, if you wish to use FreeTaxUSA if you are under the age of 18, you can do so with the guide or supervision of a parent or guardian.

What to do if you don’t know your AGI on FreeTaxUSA?

In order to find your AGI on FreeTaxUSA, you will have to look at your previous year’s tax return for your AGI. You can find your AGI on the lines of your tax return:

  • Form 1040-

    Line 37

  • Form 1040EZ-

    Line 4

  • Form 1040A-

    Line 21

  • Form 1040NR-

    Line 36

Where do I put in FreeTaxUSA in my books?

The best way to put FreeTaxUSA in your books under your income tax or tax filing section. This will be dependent on the type of books software you are using.

Where to enter mortgage insurance in 2017 on FreeTaxUSA?

You will need to enter the mortgage insurance for 2017 in FreeTaxUSA under the itemized Deductions section of the tax file form. Enter the full amount of your mortgage insurance for 2017 in this field.

How to turn off earned income credit in FreeTaxUSA?

This can be done two ways. The first is to leave out completely from your tax form. The second is by selecting the off function on the earned income credit option from your FreeTaxUSA dashboard.

How to attach a note in FreeTaxUSA?

There isn’t a way to attach a note to your tax forms in FreeTaxUSA. However, you can contact customer service directly if you need to add something or edit something in your tax form.

Where do I put property insurance premium in FreeTaxUSA?

As of right now, there is no way to itemize payments for property insurance premiums, which can include fire and comprehensive coverage. Property insurance premiums are nondeductible expenses according to the IRS.

How do I amend FreeTaxUSA?

In order to amend your tax return on FreeTaxUSA is to fill out a 1040X form. You can also sign into your FreeTaxUSA account and choose the option to amend your tax return. Fill out the necessary information.

In FreeTaxUSA, where do you enter mileage?

You will want to enter mileage for the miles you have driven under the job expenses section. Specifically, you will want to enter it under the deductions/credits and job expenses section.

Where is FreeTaxUSA located?

FreeTaxUSA is currently located in Provo, Utah. However, most of their tax preparation services are offered online with no use of a brick and mortar office for tax preparation or tax advice.

How good is FreeTaxUSA?

As far as American customers go, most people consider FreeTaxUSA to be one of the best online tax preparation services today. Due to its free membership and free filing, it is an affordable way to file tax returns.

How to delete information on FreeTaxUSA?

The best way to delete information on FreeTaxUSA is to do so through the FreeTaxUSA dashboard via your membership account. Keep in mind, deleting all of your information may make your FreeTaxUSA account inactive.

What does FreeTaxUSA software look like?

The FreeTaxUSA software is similar to many other online tax preparation services online. This includes different types of tax forms to fill out, inputting your own personal information into your account to be saved and the option to upgrade a free membership for additional benefits.

On FreeTaxUSA, how to print my state tax papers?

The best way to print out your state tax papers is to:

  • Sign into your account.
  • Click the account option at the top of your screen.
  • Choose the year and type of tax return you want to look at.
  • Download the form onto your computer.
  • Print when ready.

How do I get a coupon for FreeTaxUSA?

The easiest way to get a coupon for FreeTaxUSA is to sign up for their email list. They will send occasional coupons during tax season. Another way to get a coupon for FreeTaxUSA is to search online for valid coupons.

Where to enter a win loss statement on FreeTaxUSA?

You can enter a win loss statement in FreeTaxUSA under the itemized income section. Keep in mind, you will not be able to deduct losses if the amount of money you lost is more than money you have won.

Account-related Questions

In this frequently asked question section, you will find questions pertaining to a FreeTaxUSA account.

How to delete a FreeTaxUSA account?

While your full FreeTaxUSA account cannot be deleted for any reason, you can remove any of the information listed on your account. Keep in mind, doing so will make your FreeTaxUSA account inactive.

In FreeTaxUSA, how to see which checking account is attached?

The best way to see which checking account is attached to your FreeTaxUSA account is to visit your member dashboard after signing in and go to account settings. There your current checking account will be listed.

Tax Questions

In this section, you will find commonly asked questions pertaining to individual tax information in FreeTaxUSA.

Where do I enter my prior year pin for taxes FreeTaxUSA?

You will need to enter your prior year pin for your taxes on FreeTaxUSA in the submit tax return/electronic signature section. Failure to do so will cause your tax return to be rejected.

How can I only send my state taxes in on FreeTaxUSA?

The only way to send in your state tax return without your federal tax return, you will have to do so by mailing in the return direction or can do so by selecting the state tax return option on FreeTaxUSA.

How to access previous FreeTaxUSA taxes?

The best way to access previous taxes on FreeTaxUSA is to do so via your membership dashboard on FreeTaxUSA. You can do so via the prior year returns section in the dashboard.

With FreeTaxUSA, how to edit taxes?

In order to edit your taxes on FreeTaxUSA, you will need to amend your return. To do so, you can select the amend/edit tax return option on the membership dashboard. Then go through the steps to amend your return.

Where to enter an IP pin on FreeTaxUSA?

The IP pin for your taxes on FreeTaxUSA should be entered prior to submitting your return. Failure to submit your tax return without the IP pin can result in the return being rejected by the IRS.

How to enter a 1098 form on FreeTaxUSA?

In order to enter a 1098 from on FreeTaxUSA, you can choose to add a 1098 form from your FreeTaxUSA dashboard or add the form to your existing or prior year tax return.

How to declare PHD income on FreeTaxUSA if you don’t provide a 1099-t?

If you aren’t provided a 1099-t, you can still declare PHD income by filing a 1099-MISC form yourself. To do so will require you to make adjustments as necessary on the form for your tax return.

How do I owe state taxes on FreeTaxUSA?

You can owe state taxes due to a variety of reasons such as:

  • Paying less tax during the year you owe taxes.
  • Being self-employed the year you file.
  • Received winnings from gambling.

Where to enter student loans on FreeTaxUSA?

In order to enter student loan information on FreeTaxUSA, you will need to do so under the deductions/credits section. Then click the common deductions/credits option and fill in the required amount in the student loan interest section. Make sure you are filing a 1098-E form.

Tax Return Questions

In this section, you will find commonly asked questions regarding tax returns on FreeTaxUSA.

Where to add TAVT on a tax return on FreeTaxUSA?

Unfortunately, a TAVT or title ad valorem tax is not a deductible tax for federal or state tax purposes. In order for a TAVT to be deductible, it will need to be a personal property tax that is imposed on an annual basis.

How much is it to file a return on FreeTaxUSA?

In order to file a tax return on FreeTaxUSA, it is free of cost. However, FreeTaxUSA does have a mandatory tax filing fee of $12.95 for state tax returns which is based on the information you add on your federal tax return.

Which FreeTaxUSA edition should I use for a tax return 2016?

You can use the current FreeTaxUSA edition to file a tax return for 2016. FreeTaxUSA currently offers 2016 tax rates and forms for you to file, even when the deadline for 2106 taxes have passed.

How do I file an amended return for free on FreeTaxUSA?

The best way to file an amended return for free on FreeTaxUSA, you will have to amend a tax return you have already submitted via your membership dashboard on FreeTaxUSA.

How long to make a return on FreeTaxUSA?

If you have all of the information needed to file your tax returns on FreeTaxUSA, you can file your return in just a matter of minutes. However, it can take between 7 to 15 days for you to receive your refund deposit.

How to prepare a nonresident state return on FreeTaxUSA?

You can prepare a nonresident state return on FreeTaxUSA by requesting to file a state tax return on the website. Once there, you can choose the state in which you want to file a tax return.

In FreeTaxUSA, how to find returns for people you filed for under your account?

The best way to find the returns for people you have file for under your account on FreeTaxUSA is to sign into your account and look under the completed tax returns listed for the year you have filed.

In FreeTaxUSA, why does California state return only show two W2?

For tax purposes, a California state tax return can show two W2 forms due to the number of places you have been employed or duplicate forms: one for filing and one for your records.

How do I correct my rejected return on FreeTaxUSA?

To correct your rejected tax return on FreeTaxUSA, you will have to click on the rejected tax return and click on the amend option. Once there, correct the information needed and resubmit the return.

On FreeTaxUSA, how to print a state tax return for manual filing?

In order to print out a state tax return for manual filing purposes, you will need to fill out the tax return as necessary. Then in the submission section, choose the print tax return option.

Tax Filing Questions

In this frequently asked question section, you will find frequently asked questions regarding filing taxes on FreeTaxUSA.

How to file a w2 as a small business owner on FreeTaxUSA?

In order to file a w2 as a small business owner on FreeTaxUSA, you will need to file a self-employment tax form or a 1099 form. You can do so via your membership dashboard upon login.

How to input your SSI benefits into your taxes on FreeTaxUSA?

You do not need to input your social security benefits on your taxes within FreeTaxUSA. This is because SSI benefits are not typically taxable. However, you can contact FreeTaxUSA support to be sure.

How to attach a Schedule C to my FreeTaxUSA report?

In order to attach a Schedule C to your FreeTaxUSA tax report, you will need to do so once you have filed a 1099 or 1099-MISC tax form. You can attach it by selecting the option when filing your tax return.

What line does the per diem deduction go on FreeTaxUSA?

The line to which per diem deductions are added on a tax return on FreeTaxUSA is within box 7 of a 1099 tax return form. However, this line may change depending on the tax form you are filing.

How to file an Uber 1099 k on FreeTaxUSA?

In order to file your Uber 1099k form on FreeTaxUSA, you will have to file a new return and select the 1099k option. From there, enter in any income earned with Uber under the business income schedule c section.

How do I find my 1040 on FreeTaxUSA?

In order to find your 1040 tax return on FreeTaxUSA, you can look under your membership dashboard upon login and go to submitted tax returns. Click the tax return you wish to see.

How can I link my prior year income taxes on FreeTaxUSA?

Unfortunately, there is no way to link your prior year income taxes on FreeTaxUSA. If you want to add your previous year’s tax income, you can do so under the specified option on your current tax return.

On FreeTaxUSA, where do I put rehabilitation credit?

In order to put a rehabilitation credit on your tax form, you will need to file a separate 3468 form. Under section 47 of the form, you can enter the amount for the rehabilitation credit.

On FreeTaxUSA, where to put donation income?

In order to add deductible donation contributions, you will need to understand that it is considered income. As such, you will need to add any income earned under a 1099 or self-employment tax form in the specified areas.