Friday Link Roundup: August 12, 2011

Two weeks until vacation!  We are heading up north (that’s a pretty common term here in Michigan meaning ‘going somewhere on or near a lake’) for a week.  (If anybody would like to do a guest post that week, let me know).

The countdown begins.

Here are a few great posts I’ve read that I hope you check out.

  • Couple Money welcomed a new baby girl into their household. Yay for them!  Our baby girl will be two months old on Monday so we know how fast it can go!
  • Prairie Eco Thrifter gives us some great reasons to meal plan.  We plan most of our meals out every week before my wife goes shopping, and I can say that doing so saves both time and money, and we all could use more of both of those things!
  • As someone who suffers from skin eczema, these homemade lotion recipes from Wise Bread are definitely worth looking into.
  • If you’re in over your head in debt and have Social Security benefit collection on the horizon, you should check out this article at Faithful With A Few that outlines some of the things you might be facing.

I was included in three blog carnivals this week, which are a roundup of great posts pertaining to a particular topic.  If you’re looking for more information on any of the topics below, check out these carnivals (and thanks to their hosts for doing a great job bringing them together):

  • Not Made of Money – Totally Money Carnival
  • Narrow Bridge – Carnival of Personal Finance
  • Moms PlansFestival of Frugality

Have a great weekend!

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