Friday Link Roundup: August 26, 2011

It’s back to school time.  If school-age kids haven’t started school yet, then preparation is surely underway.  Our kids aren’t school age yet but I know how fast time has flown already, so this will certainly be right around the corner.

Here are some great blog posts I’ve read recently:

  • Couple Money has a comprehensive list of items you need for creating an emergency preparedness kit.  I admit, we don’t have one of these, but I plan on printing this out and slowly start work on putting one together.
  • Pants In A Can advises that you defrost your freezer to save some bucks!
  • First Gen American shares some storage and organizing tips that work but that you may or may not want to use
  • Len Penzo has 5 tips that your mortgage broker doesn’t want you to know.  If you’re looking at getting a new mortgage or re-financing an existing one, or know someone who’s in that situation, you need to check this out.
  • Are you a Sprint customer?  If so, My Money Blog reveals that you might be able to get out of your contract early as a result of their change of contract terms.
  • Thinking of leaving your job?  Make sure you know the proper and graceful way to quit, says One Step At A Time.
  • Need a tool to predict the stock market?  Consumerism Commentary has a tool that’s free and  that many people are using every single day.

Money Beagle was featured in three carnivals this week.  Blog carnivals are round-ups of some of the best articles pertaining to a particular topic:

  • Budgeting In The Fun Stuff – Festival of Frugality
  • Parenting Family Money – Totally Money Carnival
  • Sustainable Personal Finance – Carnival of Personal Finance

Thanks to the hosts for putting these together and for including my articles!

Have a great weekend and enjoy these final days of summer!

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  1. I can't believe it's back to school time already..and that you're alright writing about christmas GAH!!

  2. Thanks for including my post, although I blog about getter one step at a time, my blog is one cent at a time.

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