Friday Link Roundup: August 5, 2011

Welcome to August!

Check these great blog posts out.  I think there’s something to be learned from each of these!

  • Money Crush puts a great spin on retirement planning, something that seems so far off for many, but will be a lot easier to handle if you plan accordingly!
  • Do you spend more recklessly on payday than other days?  Little House on the Valley discusses.
  • Getting the best deal on car insurance?  Check out some tips at Faithful With A Few that can help you pay less.
  • War is hell, right?  Check out part 1 of First Gen American‘s story about how her uncle survived and built from it.
  • Want to save money grocery shopping?  Try meal planningPrairie Eco Thrifter has some great thought starters.-

Here are some carnivals that I participated in this past week. Check these out as they have links to lots and lots of great personal finance articles:

  • Canadian Finance Blog hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance
  • Personal Dividends hosted the Carnival of Wealth
  • Compounding Returns hosted the Totally Money Carnival

That’s it for this week.  Have a fantastic weekend!

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