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Happy Friday.  It's been a cold, cold week with temperatures running about 20 to 30 degrees below normal here in the Detroit area.  We're set for somewhat of a thaw though this weekend.  I hope that the weather is going to be agreeable wherever you are.

There's been a lot of great personal finance articles I've read since my last roundup (two weeks ago).  Here are a few favorites that I hope my readers would benefit from and enjoy

  • Moneyapolis has an interesting link about Why We Can't Save like we used to.  The most telling part was when it's revealed that in the 1970's, two out of every three workers had a pension plan available.  Now, it's one in five and falling.
  • Canadian Personal Finance Blog had a negative experience in a grocery store that might lead to said store losing business, all because the business owner had to prove a point in a way that was a bit unnecessary.
  • Out of Debt Again had a scary customer service experience at a tire shop that could have led to a major accident.  Luckily, the problem was caught in time and the company did their best to make it right.
  • Budgets Are Sexy gives a humorous story along with a reminder that tax filing season is upon us.  I've heard the joke but it always seems rather fitting, especially around tax time.
  • Finally, Financial Samurai posted some helpful resume tips along with actual copies of resumes to illustrate some of the points.  There's one bit of advice I didn't completely agree with, but you'll have to go to the comments section of his article to find out why (though it still was awesome despite my slight difference of opinion).

There were many other great reads but these are just a few that I really enjoyed.  Have a great weekend!