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Happy Friday.  This week has flown by.

It'll be a busy weekend in the Beagle house as I'll be getting some painting done in preparation for the new baby.  To recap, Little Boy Beagle will end up in his own big boy room, which is the current guest room, and the current guest room is moving across the hall, so both of those rooms need to be painted.  We're also re-painting the master bathroom as the aqua color that it was just hasn't been getting it done for us.  We're going with a darker gray instead.

I read a lot of great personal finance articles over the past few days, but these four stood out as ones I thought my readers would be interested in.  Give them a read:

  • My Two Dollars asked a theoretical question about what you would do if you had $10,000 to spend (and you can't invest it).  Spending fake money is always a fun pastime!
  • Len Penzo has 18 facts you might not have known about Social Security numbers.  I have always wondered when they'll run out.  Apparently, not for awhile, but probably sooner than many think!
  • Frugal Confessions lists a bunch of ways to hide money around the house.  A lot of these are great ideas that might protect your money in the event of a robbery, but the challenges are making sure that you don't hide them from yourself and that your money doesn't get accidentally thrown out.
  • Miss Thrifty gives a few unique ideas on what to do with the cardboard inserts from paper towel or toilet paper rolls.  We recycle ours, but some of these ideas could just work too!

Hopefully you enjoy the great posts as much as I did and hopefully you have a great weekend!