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As a few of you know, my husband and I share our home with dogs – a 13 year old Dachshund, Miss Doxie, and an 8 year old Pug, Mr. Pug. I say “share” because I don't see anyone saying they “own” Miss Doxie…she is almost cat-like, I swear.

Thanks to major allergies, Mr. Pug is already a pretty expensive pet, so we do cut back where we can as long as it keeps everyone happy. Here are a few frugal tips I can suggest for your pet pooch.

Dog Tip#1 – Doggy Treats

I know that dog treats can easily add up if you are buying $5 bags every couple of weeks. I realized that our dogs were going just as nuts for a dropped ice cube as they did for a liver-flavored whatever. We also found some really cheap Petsmart dog food.

So now, I am a big fan of using frozen green beans to make our dogs flip out. They're healthier, cheaper, and we have them around all of the time anyway. Any frozen green vegetable works – broccoli, spinach clumps, lima beans, etc. Mr. BFS and I just like green beans better, so that's what we have in the house. It works for us.

The point is that you probably do not need to buy doggy treats to keep your puppies happy. There are a bunch of cheaper and healthier options.

Dog Tip #2 – Doggy Beds

We splurged on a few doggy beds in our time, but soon realized that a $25 doggy bed that lasts a year is actually way more expensive than a $5 bed pillow that lasts 2-3 years. Go figure, right? Seriously though, our dogs curl up the same way on either fluffy thing. From here on out, it's basic bed pillows for our pups. I have found the best deals at Sam's Club or even Target – 2 or even 3 pillows for $10 and our dogs are set for a few years.

Dog Tip #3 – Doggy Bowls

Take it from a dog-owning veteran, your dog doesn't care if his/her water dish is shaped like a T-bone or not. Our dogs drink the same amount from a shallow serving dish as they do from a shallow doggy bowl. This realization saved us from splurging on a bunch of dog-related items that are inherently 3 times more expensive than their human counterparts. $3 fleece throws from Big Lots work just as great as a $20 fleece blanket with paw prints on it from Petsmart. Trust me, the dog doesn't care.

One thing I didn't mention is dog insurance. I will talk about that in another post at some point since its a big topic. What other frugal pet tips can you think of? Come on, help a girl out! 🙂