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I really enjoy looking through my e-mail spam folders sometimes.  I just browse the subjects, but they are can be very entertaining.

My latest browse through has taught me:

  • I can win $500,000 per day by playing online poker.  Wow, if the US government just had federal employees start doing that, we could really put a dent in the national debt!
  • I can sell my timeshare for a ton of cash!  Who cares that I don't even own one?!?
  • One thousand dollar shopping sprees are pretty easy to come by these days.
  • Jessica is a very popular name.  Not only that, she not only wants me to meet fine, upstanding Christian girls in my area, plus she also has a bunch of pictures of herself that are not safe for work that she wants me to view.  What could possibly go wrong?
  • The Better Business Bureau has some updates for me on a case I never opened with them.
  • People in a lot of strange places, including downtown, Wal-Mart, and the park, saw me last night but didn't say hi, but decided to follow up with me on e-mail.  That's interesting considering I haven't been downtown, to Wal-Mart, or at the park lately, but who cares about such details?
  • I can have money in my bank account at a really low interest rate in under an hour!
  • The reason I got all those weird e-mails in the past was because their e-mail account was hacked.  But, it's OK now.  Good to know…
  • It's really important that I have access to the latest prescription drugs at a price that is only available to me.
  • It's amazingly easy to get my degree online.

OK, so all of that stuff is obvious junk and I spun it to get a laugh or two, but it scares me to think that they must be getting through to even a small percentage of people to continue to persist.

Don't fall for spam scams.  It's OK to have a good laugh now and then but be careful to keep it at that and nothing more.

What kinds of interesting things have you learned browsing through your spam folder?