The Funniest Part Of The Mortgage Re-Finance Conversation

As I mentioned earlier in the week, we’re looking to re-finance our home loan to a much more manageable 3.375% rate on a 15-year mortgage compared to the current 5.875% 30-year loan we have today.

The conversation with the loan agent went remarkably well, but the part that had me laughing was when she was giving me our credit scores (over 800!) and said “Oh, I notice you don’t have one of our ??? credit cards.”  I don’t even remember the name of the card, but I politely declined.

I couldn’t help but laugh and it does show that there is humor to be found when talking to a bank.  You have to keep your eyes out everywhere for people trying to get you into the latest and greatest credit card.

I can only begin to imagine what they’ll bring at closing, assuming we get that far!

2 thoughts on “The Funniest Part Of The Mortgage Re-Finance Conversation”

  1. It definitely may get frustrating when dealing with banks for minor issues and they keep trying to push their products…new credit card…new type of insurance…new personal loan…new type of investment vehicle.

  2. As annoying as it is, I will say that sometimes those cards are beneficial if you're simultaneously closing your mortgage. The rewards card I was offered knocks down the principal balance of the mortgage must faster than an cash value redemption would.

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