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Small Business Grants

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Jason Smith

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Jason Smith

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Steps to Get a Small Business Grant

  1. Have a clear business idea
  2. Define your personal status
  3. Consider being a non-profit
  4. Search for grants
  5. Register as a grant applicant in the Federal government
  6. Log in the federal grant application system
  7. Request the necessary application forms
  8. Write your grant proposal
  9. Create a business plan
  10. Fill out the optional grant forms
  11. Review everything before submitting
  12. Wait for the results

For entrepreneurs, getting a business grant is like catching a dodo bird. It simply would not happen. If you consider the requirements for loans to be very stringent, it is even more so for grants.

These are usually for very specific businesses like technology or medical-related, most of which are not even available for starting or growing businesses. Providers of grants are generally more willing to invest on established businesses with proven track record to minimize the chances of the money going to waste.

However, the field your business is in is not the only criterion they may look at. Currently, there exist a number of grants for woman-owned and minority-owned businesses. Thus, if you fit that more generalized category, you may have an actual chance for approval.

What are small business grants?

Small business grants are monetary incentive offered to certain businesses, depending on the set criteria for qualification. The set credentials are usually meant to further a particular agenda of an agency, may it be public or private.

There are different types of grants, and their classification is based only on the source of the money:

  • Federal grants
  • State and local grants
  • Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant
  • Corporate and nonprofit grants

Although the grant is awarded to you, where you can use it is limited. The money is not meant for paying off business debts, starting or expanding your business, or covering operational expenses.

Small Business Grants for Women

Aiming to even out the playing field in the business sector, many institutions both public and private provide grants specifically for women entrepreneurs. The most basic requirement to be considered a woman-owned business is at least 51% ownership of the company. There are two major third-party certifiers like WBENC and NWBOC. However don't forget there are also business loans for women.

How to become certified?

  1. Know what level of certification you need

What you will need depends on your area of service, and on whether or not you will pursue government contracts as a women-owned business. If you only serve in a particular area and have no plans in entering government contracts, you do not need a national level of certification.

To make thing easier, simply ask yourself, what is your target market? If still unsure about what exactly you do need, you can always inquire on local agencies about what best fit your situation and about the certification requirements.

  1. Compile, complete, and submit all the requirements

Depending on the type of certification you plan to get, you will have to prepare different documents for submission. Most importantly, the information provided must be complete and accurate.

Show your professionalism by organizing the documents a certain way that you feel will help the certifiers review them quicker. Also, expect that something will go wrong, perhaps they will misplace one of your files. Thus, it would benefit you to keep copies just in case.

  1. Prep yourself up for the interview and site visit

If everything is in the clear regarding your paperwork, you will now have to prepare for an interview and site visit. They may choose to do this by surprise or by setting an appointment with you.

No matter the case, you will have nothing to worry about if you have nothing to hide. In the interview, just be confident and address all their questions clearly. Other than that, you have nothing to worry about.

  1. Wait for the results

Now that you have complied with everything, the only thing left to do is wait for the results. Applications are hardly ever denied, when they are, reasons behind the rejection.

Moreover, you will be given thirty days to either contest their decision or make the necessary changes.

Small Business Grants

Small Business Grants for Minorities

According to the California Public Contract Code, a minority is defined as follows:

 “a citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States who is an ethnic person of color and who is: Black (a person having origins in any of the Black racial groups of Africa); Hispanic (a person of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central or South American, or other Spanish or Portuguese culture or origin regardless of race); Native American (an American Indian, Eskimo, Aleut, or Native Hawaiian); Pacific-Asian (a person whose origins are from Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, the Philippines, Samoa, Guam, or the United States Trust Territories of the Pacific including the Northern Marianas); Asian-Indian (a person whose origins are from India, Pakistan, or Bangladesh); or any other group of natural persons identified as minorities in the respective project specifications of an awarding department or participating local agency.”

The same with women-owned businesses, to be considered as such, 51% of the ownership must belong to minorities.

This goes for all third party certifiers and other pro-minority programs including a) SBA 8(a) Business Development Program, b) National Minority Supplier Development Council Certification, c) Department of Transportation’s Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program, and d) State and Local Programs (MBE).

As the process is generally the same for both women-owned businesses and minority-owned businesses, we would instead discuss the differences among the qualifications of the third party certifiers.


Third Party Certifiers and Programs

SBA 8(a) Business Development Program

SBA requires a 51% direct business ownership of the minorities’. Aside from that, there is also a minimum time of operation of two years.

Meeting these qualifications would not suffice for this program. The business must also prove its growth potential through tax records. If your business fits everything mentioned, you can enjoy free certification, something it does not share with other certifiers.

National Minority Supplier Development Council Certification

If at least 51% of the business is owned by people having Native American, Asian-Indian, Hispanic, Black, and Asian-Pacific heritage, that business can qualify for this certification. Of course, documents proving the heritage would be required.

The cost for this certification ranges from $350 to $1,200.

Department of Transportation’s Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program

Available to minorities, women, and people with disabilities, your business can qualify for this certification for as long as you yourself are running and managing the firm. This, you can prove through a site visit.

State and Local Programs (MBE)

Having the most relaxed requirements, State and Local Programs offer the same advantages to minority-owned businesses as the other certifications and programs.

Business grants particularly for minorities

Unlike with the women-owned business, small business grants for minorities may not cover all sectors.

The Rural Business Enterprise Grants (RBEG) Program

This program aims to encourage growth, increase the income, and generate jobs in rural areas by granting funds to small businesses within a particular location. While people from rural areas are not minorities in the strictest sense, the grantor reserves the right to deem a group of persons as one as he sees fit.

The money acquired here can be used for all business expenses like expanding the business, financing equipment, and constructing a physical store.

The Miller Lite Tap the Future Business Plan Competition

Minority-owned businesses can have the opportunity to expand their operations through Miller Lite. With a goal of helping minority entrepreneurs boost their financial status, they hold an annual competition where the winning business plan gets the funds to execute it.

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Grants

Encouraging minorities to delve into the exciting world of science and research, your business can have the opportunity to implement their innovation through this grant.

For the first phase, you can receive as much as $100,000, and another $750,000 for the second phase.

How do you apply for a business grant?

If you want to take a chance and apply for a business grant, go for it. To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Have a clear business idea

As the competition is really strict grants, much more for small businesses. Thus to have a greater chance against every other application, create a business plan. It must be comprehensive, and highlight the profitability of your idea.

Aside from these, it should also include information about your business, its financial needs, and its operation. If you do not know how to get started, you can contact U.S. Small Business Administration for free business assistance.

  1. Define your personal status

If you are a woman, a minority, a veteran, or disabled, you can accelerate your grant application process through special grants. If you do not fit in the criteria required by non-minority grants, this would give you hope that you can still apply.

  1. Consider being a non-profit

Being a nonprofit opens a lot of doors for you. There are very specific grants, in healthcare for example, that you will be available for you. If your business can fit the model, its operators will receive a fixed salary and generous benefits. That is regardless of whether you get a grant or not.

  1. Search for grants

There are a number of grants that you can apply for in various government, commercial, and non-profit agencies. While it may be discouraging to see a lot that you do not qualify for, you should still review every entry.

For local, state, and federal grants, you can visit, the official federal grant website. Other non-government agencies that have grant programs will have the information posted in their official website.

You do not need to check each of their websites to know whether they are open for applications or not. A simple google search will show you a list of grants available depending on your field.

  1. Register as a grant applicant in the Federal government

If you are going to apply for a federal grant, you will need to register first in their website. Provide all the necessary information as required, but make sure that when you apply, you will maintain consistency. hat means same email address, home address, and such.

After a few weeks, you will receive a notification indicating whether your registration is approved or not. If you have successfully registered, you will receive a unique username and password which you will use to access the federal grant application system. Needless to say, this step is unnecessary the grant you are eyeing is non-government.

  1. Log in the federal grant application system

Here, you can start downloading the instructions that you must follow for grant applications. In some cases, the application forms themselves are there as well.

  1. Request the necessary application forms

For state grants, they do not usually provide information. Thus, you will need to go to the agency’ office to request all the necessary application forms for a particular grant. Commercial grants, on the other hand, may have all the information listed on their website.

  1. Write your grant proposal

Now that you have all the forms, write your grant proposal. The main goal of your proposal is to express how the grant money will help achieve its designated goal. Of course, this should be shown more than in writing.

You should be able to concretize this using a business plan. Address all the how’s and remove all their doubts. Show them the numbers. List everything that can go wrong, and indicate how it will be dealt with. In case it does not work out, do you have a fallback plan?

  1. Create a business plan

Whether you do or do not consider being a non-profit, you still need to make a convincing business plan that will show how you plan to spend the money in case you get chosen. Grantors can limit how the funds can be used. Thus, you may have to make multiple variations to fit each grant you are going to apply for.

Here are the essential contents of your business plan that you should take note of:

Executive summary

This is a one-page report detailing everything else included in your business plan. It is the highlight of your plan as sometimes, it is the only thing that lending officers look at. Here, you should include a short description of your company, the system which it uses to gain revenue, as well as the revenue projections. Your marketing efforts, both past and present, must also be in your business plan.

Business description

Describe what your business does and what it is all about. In applying for small business grants, it is important that you sell your plan and your business as well. Let the grantors see how your business and the purpose of the funds are aligned. Show some general information on how it generates income, so that they could see that whatever money handed to you does not go to waste.

Target market and competitive landscape

Define who your potential customers are. Who are they? How old are they? What are their pain points? What are their goals? For this part, a customer avatar would come very useful as it presents a general yet realistic idea of for whom the business really is.

Having an already established name in the market can really help you getting small business grants. However, you can still apply even without this advantage. You must examine your competition. How saturated is the market? How do you separate yourself from the competition? These should be addressed.

Product and/or service

Explain what your business offers, either products or services, whichever may apply. Explain how these would appeal to your audience, and beat the other products available in the market.

What it is that this have that would want people want to buy it? How is it different from the others? Describe how your product or service will help your customers achieve a goal or fulfill a desire.

Promotion, marketing, and sales

Sure, you have an excellent product that exceeds and sets a new standard for your niche. How are you going to let the world know about that? Applying for business grants means taking care of all sides of the business, including promotion, marketing, and sales.

What have you done so far to increase brand and product awareness? Do you have further actions in the future? An example would be an email marketing campaign which consists of five parts that aims to get people to buy the product/service itself and whatever upgrades available. Say, from this, you project a 20% increase in total sales.

There must be continuous efforts on getting your business’ name out there to stay relevant. In this part, detail your action plans and what the expected end results would be.

Management team

Tell the grantors about the minds and talents behind your business. What are their qualifications? How long have they been in the industry? Such information will help raise the grantors’ confidence on your business, increasing your chances of landing business grants.

Financial data

Assuming that you are not looking for startup business grants, you already some information about your current revenues that are available to you. From there, exhaust more information that your grantor may find useful.

Revenue projection and break-even analysis are the very basics that you must provide, and both must be products of accurate data and right analysis tools. Just as important, include here how you plan to use the grant funds to concretize your plans.

While you must fulfill whatever the purpose of the grant is, exhibit the nature of your business as a private earning entity. Thus, along with the grant-related funds, show through numbers how your company will benefit as well.


All the related research that you have conducted which were mentioned in the business plan, along with the logos and other images are put here.

Make sure to organize everything according to the type of material it is. All research papers and other studies must go together, and the same way should be done with images and other appendices inclusions.

  1. Fill out the optional grant forms

While, as its name entails, it is not required, all additional information you provide the grantor increase your chance of approval. Fill out all the optional surveys. This will show that you really are serious, and that you wish to be as transparent as possible.

These can also help your case as there might be items on the forms that can better explain your situation in ways that your letter and your other documents cannot.

  1. Review everything before submitting

Make sure that all the information you provide is correct and complete. Missing information can greatly reduce your chances of approval. For federal grant applications, submit it at For state grants, look for instructions where you should your proposal should be directed.

  1. Wait for the results

After receiving confirmation that you have successfully uploaded your application, the only thing you have to do now is wait. For federal grants, you will have a tracking number, allowing you to know where in the process your application is. On the other hand, non-federal grants will have a contact where you can inquire.

Whether you get a grant or not, you should not be discouraged, like the many who failed here. Your business can still be a success, and who determines that in the end is you.


Government Grants

Other Grant Options


During the course of a business’ operation, there are times when the current funds on hand may not be sufficient to cover all of the needed expenses to further operations. In this situation, a small business grant can provide the much-needed funding to help a business stay afloat and even to help it expand.

Small businesses, women-owned businesses, and minority-owned businesses have the option to take advantage of these business-specific grants. However, there are also general grants available for businesses in a variety of different sectors. Learning about how to obtain small business grants can facilitate business owners in meeting their funding goals. A business loan calculator can certainly help in this process. 

Small Business Grant Basics

Learning the basics of what a small business grant is can help you understand whether or not this is the best option for your business funding needs. Every business is different and what works for one business may not be beneficial for another. For this reason, it is essential to do sufficient research and learn the small business grant basics.

What is a personal grant?
The federal government does not supply personal grants to individuals to cover day to day, personal expenses. Instead, they provide grants to organizations to fund projects that will benefit the community.
What are small business grants?
Small business grants are funds that are available specifically for certain types of small businesses that meet the required qualifications. There are several sources of funding for small businesses including The Small Business Administration.
How does a grant work?
A grant is funding that is provided to a business or organization that doesn’t have to be repaid. In most cases, the grant must only be used for the purposes in which they were intended.
What is the difference between a grant and a loan?
A grant is given for a specific purpose and to a specific applicant for research and development or other specific uses. The grant doesn’t have to be repaid, however, the loan does have to be repaid.
How do grants impact a business?
Grants allow business owners to leverage their business by injecting money to the existing monetary fund.
Is grant money income for a business?
Yes. Money obtained from a grant is considered an income.
What businesses are grant fundable?
Most, if not all, businesses actually are. It’s just a matter of finding one that’s for you.
What does a grant mean in business?
It depends on which end of the transaction you’re in. If your business is offering the grant, it’s the money you give to a business you deem worthy of it. If you’re receiving it, it’s essentially free money.

Getting Business Grants

Obtaining a business grant is a very secure way of funding your business operation. You can obtain business grants for the purpose of funding your business once you learn the necessary steps you should take. Becoming familiar with the process of obtaining a business grant can aid you in fulfilling your dream of owning your own business.

How can I get a small business grant?
In order to get a small business grant, you will have to apply for one offered at the state or federal level or from private organizations. You can also apply to independent organizations that offer small business grants.
How do you get money to start a business?

Money to start a business can be obtained from lenders who can provide start up business loans. Additionally, prospective business owners can also apply for small business grants to fund their business.

How do I apply for free grants?
In order to apply for free grants, applicants should seek out funding from state and government agencies as well as applying for local grants that are available through local organizations.
How can I get a free government grant?
Visit the official government grant website at in order to find a grant that best fits your unique situation. You can apply to the grant that is the best fit for your needs.
How to get a first-time business grant?
Business owners who are just starting their business can benefit from applying for a first time business grant. Obtaining a grant begins with researching available grants and then applying according to the grant application requirements.
Can I get a grant for a new business?
Most new business grants are available to companies in the science, technology and health field. However, there are other grants available to new businesses. Simply apply and make sure that all the application criteria are met.
How to get a free grant to start a business?
The Federal government and state agencies make funding available to prospective business owners who are starting a new business. In order to apply, you will need to do research to find the best grants to apply for.
Can I get a business startup grant?
When you are considering starting a business, a startup grant can help. There are sources of start-up grant funding for women, minorities, and for businesses focused on research and innovation.
How to apply for a small business grant?
Small business grants can be applied to by filling out the application forms from the grant issuing organization. Once all requirements have been met, you can submit your small business grant application.
How to get a small business grant with bad credit?
A small business grant is awarded on the basis of certain qualifying terms being met irrespective of credit. For this reason, applicants of all credit types can apply for a small business grant.
How to qualify for a business grant?
If your business is in the sector of scientific research and development, then visit the Small Business Administration website at to see what their requirements are for applying for a grant.
What qualifies small business for a grant?
In order for a small business to qualify for a grant, it must meet the guidelines set forth by the grant administrator. It is important to read the requirements of the grant in detail before applying for your chosen grant.
How hard is it to get a small business grant?
It can be challenging to find a small business grant that you are able to qualify for. However, if you meet other requirements such as a women-owned business or a minority-owned business, you may have an easier time obtaining a grant.
How do I qualify for a small business loan?
To qualify for a small business loan, first, build your credit score, then find out the lender’s requirements for the loan, develop a strong business plan, and provide collateral for the loan.
How to win a business grant?
To win a business grant, make sure that all of the information you supply for your business grant is up to date and accurate. You should also stand out from other applicants with a well-prepared business plan.
How can I see what grants my business qualifies for?
There’s no shortcut to searching for grants and reading their qualifying requirements. It is left to your discretion to assess whether you qualify or not.
How do I find grants for my business?
It’s best to have multiple sources which you visit from time to time. Aside from, you can also look into sites within your industry.
How do I get grants for a for-profit business?
Unless specifically indicated that it’s for a nonprofit business, you’re free to apply for as long as you meet all the requirements. From there, it’s a matter of besting the competition.
How do I guarantee a government business grant?
You can’t. Many people are up for free money, and it’s your job to prove that your business deserves it.
How do I qualify for minority business grants?

Aside from having the majority of the business belonging to a minority group, the heads of its day-to-day operations along with other things must be held by members of the minority. You can also look at minority business loans as an additional option.

How do I reach out to a business for a grant?
You don’t have to because a business will either offer it or won’t. If your idea is really good, you may interest them into a partnership or even buying it, but that’s not the same as a grant.
What qualifies as a home-based business eligible for grants?
There’s no such qualification. What they care about is whether it’s an existing business or if you’re just planning to build it. So, you can disregard this parameter and instead look into more relevant qualifications.
How do I apply for sm<br /> all business grants for free?
Applying for any type of grant is free. If you’re asked for payment during any part of the process, it is likely to be a scam.

Starting and Expanding Business

Starting a new venture is an exciting undertaking but it is not without its challenges. One of those challenges is obtaining sufficient funding to keep your business afloat. Learning how to start a business and obtain the funding that your venture needs can help you to pave the road ahead successfully.

How do I get funding for my business?

You can fund your business with a small business loan, business grant, with funds from a 401k, as well as with funds obtained from a whole life insurance policy or borrowed funds from friends or family.

How can I start my own business with no money and start talent?

To start a business with no money and no start talent, the first step is to prepare a business plan and select a business model. You can then apply for business loans or grants to fund your venture.

How do I start my own business from scratch?

To start a business from scratch, first, choose your niche and research your market, then decide what products and services to sell. You will want to create marketing strategies and follow these through to bring traffic to your business offer.

How much money does it take to start a business?

The amount of funding you need to start a business can vary depending on the type of business you have. A business requiring no inventory may need less start-up funding than one that depends heavily on inventory.

How can I get a grant to start a business?

The US Small Business Administration works with other organizations to provide funding for businesses. To obtain one of these grants, your business must meet the specific requirements and qualifications that are outlined.

Where can I get grant money to start a business?

The SBA can provide access to grants for businesses, however, there are also non-profits, local organizations, and other organizations which offer grant money to start a business.

How do I get a grant to expand my business?
A lot of business actually look into grants for business expansion, and these come in the form of SBA grants, grants from states and municipalities, and minority-owned business grants. If there’s a requirement that implies that you’ve been in the business for some time, consider it a grant for expanding the business.

Specific Types of Business Grants

If you are applying for business grants under unique circumstances, then you will need to learn the specifics for applying for that type of grant. By learning about the specific types of grants, you can get the type of funding your business needs for success.

Do immigrants get grants to start businesses?

There are business development grants available for immigrants to start businesses such as the Wilson/Fish program and Discretionary grants offered through the Department of Health and Human Services.

What is the HOPE program?
HOPE is a program offered by the HUD administration in order to provide homeownership assistance to individuals who would like to purchase a home. The program acronym stands for Homeownership and Opportunity For People Everywhere.
How to apply for a government grant for small business? provides a comprehensive database of grants that can be applied for. There are many different grants available so sufficient research needs to be carried out in order to find the best possible grant.
How to get a small business administration grant?
According to, the Small Business Administration does not provide grants to start or expand most businesses. However, there are certain types of businesses that can receive a grant such as those focused on science and research.
How to apply for a VA small business grant?
Veterans can obtain funding for small businesses such as state and government grants as well as funding offered by local and private agencies.
How to get a small business grant for African Americans?
To get a small business grant for African Americans, check with the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) and view the available grants they have listed on the website. This can provide a great starting point.
How to get a grant for a disability startup business?
To find out if there are grants available for a disability startup business, check official websites such as and These websites offer access to information on disability startup grants if there are any current grants available.
How to get a grant for a daycare business?

Before applying for a grant for your daycare business, make sure that you have a
Daycare operating license as well as a tax ID number. Once you have these items, you can apply for a grant in the childcare field.

Can I receive a grant for soap making business?
There are grants available for businesses of all types including for soap making businesses. In order to receive funding, it is important to follow the guidelines of the grant application and include all of the required information.
How to apply for a business grant for minorities?
There is a wide range of different business grants that are available which can be applied for on the website. In order to apply, follow the guidelines outlined in the grant application directions.
How to get grant money for an elderly care business?
You can apply for grant money for an elderly care business by applying for a government grant. The government grant will cover nutrition and wellness programs, mental health counseling, and other related programs.
How to get a grant for a nonprofit business?
To get a grant for your non-profit business, check as well a checking with your local organization and with regional foundation directories. Nonprofit businesses can also check for available grants.
How do I get a grant for Internet business?
If you are a woman or a minority, there are specific grants you can qualify for. You can also visit to find out how to get a grant for your Internet business.
How to get a federal grant to start a business?
Federal grants for starting a business are available from the website There, you can find a wide range of different business grants that you may be able to qualify for.
Is business education teacher eligible for teach grant?
Grants of up to $4,000 a year are available for teachers who agree to teach for four years. The program that provides this funding is called The Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant.
Can insurance company offer a grant to get business?
An insurance company can apply for a grant to get their business started in the same way that any other type of business can apply for a grant. Simply follow the grant application processes for the best chance of success.
How to get a grant for a trucking business?
In order to get a grant for a trucking business, the prospective business owner should first start by putting together a business plan. They should then visit as well as checking the local state offices for available grants.
How to apply for an R&D grant for small business?
Small businesses have two distinct options when applying for a research and development grant. These include the SBIR program and the Small Business Technology Transfer Program which are offered through the SBA Office of Technology.
How to apply for Fedex small business grant?

To apply for the FedEx small business grant program, applicants will first need to have a FedEx account number. More information about the business grant program can be found on their website at


How to get a Veteran business grant?

If you are a Veteran trying to get a business grant, start by visiting the government grant website at You can also visit the website of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs at Alternatively you could look into small business loans for veterans.


How to get a state grant for a small business?

Many state governments offer small business grants to business owners who would like to begin a new business. To apply to one of these grant programs, visit your state’s economic development website.

Does any car rental business have community grants?
Yes. One would be Enterprise Holdings Inc which already donated $51.8 million in grants.
Does Cal Grant work with business degree?

Yes. There’s no preferred undergraduate degree for you to obtain a Cal Grant.

Does the NOK foundation give business grants?

In the United States, no. However, it has granted the Clinton Foundation energy project 30 million kr.

How do I apply for Sam's Club women grant business?

While they do say they prefer woman- and minority-owned businesses, there’s no grant program specifically for them.

How do I get a grant for a solar business?

The application process is pretty much the same, but you can access grants specifically for solar energy businesses here. Mind you, your options are not limited to those on the link.

How do I get a grant for an educational business?

The best place to start is definitely through GetEdFunding. There, you can access thousands of grants available to educators and educational institutions.

How do I get business grants for felons?

There aren’t a lot of grants specifically for felons, so focus on finding one fitting your heritage, idea, nationality, etc.

How do I get government business grant to purchase property?

Look for Government Real Estate Grants or for any grant where you’re allowed to do whichever with the grant money.

Is there any grant to start a recycling business?

Yes. The United States Environmental Protection Agency provides grants to businesses involved in recycling. There may also be programs available in your state’s counterpart.

Are there grants for small business safety equipment?

Not a lot. But in your state, try to see if the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has a grant program for the purchase of safety equipment.

What is a Pell grant business grant?

There’s no such thing. Pell grants are used to fund higher education, not a business.

What is a rural business grant?

A rural business grant is a form of financial support targeted to the development and expansion of small and new businesses in rural areas with less than 50 employees and less than $1,000,000 in gross revenues.

Are there grants for small business start-ups in realty?

No. A good alternative is that SBA 7(a) real estate loan which you can use for a multitude of purposes from starting a business to purchasing inventory.

Writing to Get a Grant

Many grants require a written proposal before they will award funding to the applicant. Learning how to put together a grant proposal can increase your chances of obtaining the grant that you need for your business. Writing to get a grant can be a very involved process but with the right knowledge, you can move forward through the process confidently.

How do I write a grant?

To write a grant, start by reading the grant application in detail, write a summary of the statement, and then create an outline. Once you have everything in place for the outline of the project, complete the grant proposal.

How to write a proposal letter for a business grant?

In order to write a proposal letter for a business grant, start by writing a business plan and read the grant requirements thoroughly. Align your proposal with the grant’s required outline for the best chance of success.

How to write a business proposal for a government grant?

To write a proposal for a government grant, the proposal should have the details of the business’s activities and missions, their future goals, and their plans to use the grant money to expand their business and help the community.

How to write a business plan for a grant?

You can begin by writing the outline for the grant and then fill in the details. Make sure that your business plan is in alignment with the requirements set forth in the grant application directions.

How long should a business letter grant proposal be?

It can be anywhere from five to 25 pages. The important thing is you cover everything that you feel needed to be covered.

How do I get business as a grant writer?

Hone your craft by practicing, then approach businesses. You can charge a small percentage of the grant money or a flat fee. Once you succeed, you can advertise that as your success.

How do I write an art business plan for grant?

In the same way that you write any other grant. If you’ve won awards in the past, that would greatly help your case. Make sure that your outputs are well-represented in the proposal as well.

How do I write a business plan grant in 10 pages?

Unless the grantor requires the business plan to be only 10 pages long, don’t force everything you have there. Else, focus on your strengths and in debunking their potential objections.

What programs at Wake Tech teach business grant writing?

If you want to write the proposal yourself, the A to Z Grant Writing is their only program designed to teach you how to do so.

Miscellaneous Grant Questions

Below are answers to other questions related to obtaining grant funding. By finding out as much information about the grant process as possible, you can be well prepared to apply for a grant for your business needs.

How can I get a small business loan with bad credit?

There is an increasing number of emerging lenders providing access to lines of credit as well as small business loans for individuals with bad credit who need a small business loan. Do some online research to find the best lender for your credit profile.

Do I have to pay back a grant?

Grants are a source of funding that does not have the be repaid. Individuals who are looking for funding can benefit from applying for state and federal grants which differ from loans in that they do not have to be paid back.

How to win a business grant?

To win a business grant, fill out all of the required details of the application and ensure that none of the required areas are left blank. This will improve your chances of winning a business grant.

How does a woman-owned business get a grant?

The United States Small Business Administration is a great place to start when it comes to obtaining a grant for a woman-owned business. Women business owners can also apply for a government grant at

Do I have to pay back a business grant?

If you have received a business grant from the federal government, from your state government, or from a local organization, you do not have to repay the grant. This type of funding source does not necessitate repayment.

What's need for business grant for a woman?

To get a business grant for a woman-owned business, visit the website of grant providers such as as well as the website for obtaining funding from government programs such as

Is a business grant taxable income?

A business grant is considered as taxable income in the same way that other income is taxable. In order to maintain good standing with the IRS, it is required to report any funds awarded from grants during the fiscal year that the funds were received.

How to find out if a business received a grant?

In order to find out whether or not a grant was received, a business owner can check with the grant’s issuing office to see if they were the recipient of the grant.

How much is a small business grant?

The amounts offered for a small business grant varies based on the organization that is funding the grant. To find out about specific amounts, it is required to read over the grant details in depth.

Can a convicted felon get a business grant?

Being a felon is not the main reason for disqualification for getting a business grant. In order to find out about your qualifications, read over the requirements for the business grant that you are applying for.

Do you have to pay taxes on a business grant?

Grant funding is considered taxable income just like any other type of income you would receive during the course of business operations. Work with an experienced certified public accountant to see how much tax you will need to pay on your grant.

How are business grants taxed?

They’re taxed as business income. But if your business is not a corporation, it doesn’t pay tax at a business rate but at a lower personal tax rate.

How can a woman get a small business grant?

Through minority-owned business grants or other business grants that her business qualifies for. For the former, you would need to be certified as woman-owned business to apply for one.

How easy is it to get federal grants for business?

Not easy at all. Many businesses rely on federal grants, so the competition is tight. You can only try to do your best to grab the prize.

How much should I ask for a small business grant?

You don’t ask for anything. The amount that you’ll receive if it’s granted to you is usually stated beforehand.

How do I find out if a business received a grant?

The grantor normally publishes this through their site or their other channels. But if you’re looking for what grants a certain business had already won so far, there’s no way of doing that.

Is there a scam about rural business enterprise grants?

No. Rural Business Enterprise Grants are completely legitimate. But if you want to know for sure, here are few tell-tale signs that a grant is a scam.

What is the state tax grant for businesses?

If your business is not a corporation, what would apply for the grant is the owner’s personal income tax. How it would reflect on your books is better left to your accountant.

Why do orgs give grants to businesses?

Some organizations use grant as a way to support their own advocacies such as promoting agriculture or expanding the local economy. For others, it may be a part of their corporate social responsibility which is a way they give back to the community.

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