Get Ready To Pay More For Little Caesars Pizza

Like it or hate it, the Little Caesars $5 Hot-N-Ready pizza has controlled the cheap pizza market for years.  Even if you don’t like the taste, the fact is that because there’s a pizza for $5 available, it’s likely kept the cost down across the board, meaning virtually all pizza has been made cheaper because of the low price of the Hot-N-Ready.  Watch movies from the 1980’s and you’ll see that paying $15 per pizza was pretty common.  Even premium pizza, after over 20 years, likely tops out or comes in below that price these days, and you have to figure this comes back in many ways to the introduction of the Hot-N-Ready $5 pizza.

mb-201201pizzaMy wife and I were watching TV the other day, and a commercial for Little Caesars came on, and like basically every commercial that they are does, it touted the $5 pizza.  Only my wife noticed something.  Under the $5 price it said:


Uh-oh.  Since they’ve been offering this pizza at the low price for well over ten years, I think,, this seemed a little ominous.

Last night, we had some errands to run, so we decided to stop and grab one for dinner.  Their menu board had a big graphic with the $5 price, but also had the same ‘limited time only’ notation underneath.  So, I asked the cashier if the price was going up.

I think she wanted to dodge the question, but she finally answered that, yes, the price will be increasing soon.  She said that it will likely be going to $5.55 per pizza.  This is a price I’ve seen at many locations outside of the Metro Detroit area, where I’m assuming delivery charges and such are higher.  My totally wild guess is that those locations will move to a $5.99 price, so that all stores still stay in the $5-something range.

So, the proposed standard $5.55 price represents an 11% increase.  You’ve seen me complain many times about price increases on this blog, so you probably think this one bother me. But, the truth is that it really doesn’t.

Little Caesars has kept the $5 price for much longer than I ever thought possible when I first heard about it.  I often thought that, while the $5 price was a brilliant marketing move, it kept them backed into a wall because customers came to expect it.  Truth be told, they probably would have liked to have raised the price much sooner, but wanted to let go of the $5 pizza that they were associated with for as  long as possible.

Could that time be at hand soon?

If Not Pizza, Then Everything Else

But, that’s not all.  I noticed that they’ve already raised prices on other items.  Specifically their ‘Crazy Bread’.  Every once in a while we would add an order of crazy bread to our pizza order.  At $1.99 along with a $5 pizza, it still totaled up to $7.41 (including 6% sales tax), which wasn’t a bad price for a meal for all of us (plus a leftover lunch to take to work for me).

The price yesterday on the Crazy Bread: $2.98.  That’s a 50% price increase! On bread, butter, and cheese.  The 11% increase on pizza is no bother to me, but the 50% increase on crazy bread is crazy.  I thought $2.29 – $2.49 would have been more reasonable.  I know I’m quibbling over a buck, but it’s more the percentage increase that I can’t get past (and, no, we didn’t get the Crazy Bread yesterday).

So, if this information was correct, it looks like the price of pizza (and sides) will be nudging up this year (I would guess that other pizza places will follow suit).  Enjoy the $5 pizza while it lasts.  It’s been a great run!

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    • I can’t blame them as I’m guessing their margins are paper think and I know prices have gone up. Just as long as they keep it within reason!

  1. We don’t have a Little Ceasars here, but a $5 pizza sounds great. You’re right, $5.55 is still not bad.

  2. Ive been working for little Caesars for 1 year and a half now i personaly think u cant beat there prices… over here you can get the entire meal which is a large pep or a lg cheese with crazy bread the sauce and a 2 liter soda for 9.79… i think thats really good for that price…. 1 pizza over here cost 5.39 with bread it cost 7.53 and with the sauce its 8.07 i think its a really good price…. our crazy bread with taxes cost 2.14 and with sauce it cost 2.68…. Little Caesars to me not just because i work there but is the best and cheapest pizza place youll find around

  3. As a store owner there is massive pressure on the $5 price point primarily due to increased cost of commodities. Cheese accounts for more than half the cost of one of our pizzas and its cost has doubled this past year. Inevitably price increases occur on other items to try to of site the rise in commodities whilst maintaining the price point. Its a numbers game but down here in Georgia we are still all at $5 and will likely stay that way for at least another year. The LTO wording on the add is standard to provide the flexibility if we do need to change so don’t fret too much over that, we are still the best value in town!

    • Yep, as my article suggested, I was actually surprised that the price was able to stay what it was for so long. I’d been silently thinking that it was due as long ago as 2007-08.

  4. There are tons of stores staying at $5 so don’t assume its limited time! We have 4 stores and they are all staying at five bucks!

    • Thanks for the information. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how things play out, especially if some stores do start raising the price, something that I’m sure will be watched closely by all Little Caesars and competing stores!

  5. I don’t have a complaint about the $5.55 pizza rather than 5 bucks. BUT I DO have an issue with the tv ads stating that the price is $5.00, the sign by the street states $5.00. Infact, you don’t know that the price has changed until you actually go into the store. This is when you find out that the pizza is NOT $5.00. THIS IS FALSE ADVERTISING. I am very disappointed with the franchise for and feel like I was lied to. I will be taking advantage of Domino’s $5.99 price. Reason: I would rather do business with a franchise company that lets the consumer know up-front what they will be paying and not a “surprise” when you walk into the store.

    • I think Little Caesars corporate does a lot of the advertising but the franchises can set their own prices so it’s not like the franchisee is responsible for creating the ad. It does make for a touchy situation. FYI, to avoid any potential liability issues I’ve removed the address and phone number that you had listed. Thanks for understanding!

  6. Hot n ready pizzas only cost .75 per pizza to make and 1.25 for supreme and .85 for deep dish. That’s in Metro Detroit. So there is no reason to up the price. That’s 700% increase. But Mike Ilitch did spend 214million on Prince Fielder. So maybe that’s why the price is going up.

    • That was the joke after the Fielder signing, but we noticed this a few weeks before this signing took place, so I don’t think it’ll be related.

  7. Well I don’t know about anyone else but we have a new store opening and they are already advertising that the hot and ready will be $8.00 normal price. Oh well that’s too big of a jump for this gal.

    • Oh, wow, that’s a lot. Are you sure that isn’t for the Deep Dish version, which I know is a couple bucks more?

      • We’ve never gotten more than one meat at a time so the first one would be out for us. The ultimate supreme, maybe, but if we’re going to get tons of toppings, typically we move up from the Little Caesars to a slightly ‘better’ pizza place *lol*

  8. Was pondering this information today, and popped into google how Little Caesars $5 work, and this article came up, very good read. I’m not into blogs too much, but you presented this article very well. so you’ve made a fan out of me. Thanks for the info dude!

  9. I work at a Little Caesars here in Sevierville, but I never noticed the “limited time offer” so tomorrow I’ll look for it! I don’t like the taste of our pizza or sauce but hey, it’s $5 for a 14″ pepp or cheese and $8 for a 3 meat treat or supreme. I think that’s a great deal especially in the economy these days. anywhere else you would have to pay $12 for a pizza or more! That’s just my input, thanks.

    • Lately I haven’t seen it so maybe they were testing the waters. For now they are still $5 here. We’re supposed to get one tonight so we’ll see once more if the ‘Limited Time’ note is there 🙂

  10. To each their own. But now crazy bread is 3.99 at my local little caesar, i just laughed at the cashier when they told me. In all honesty, little caesar, doesnt have much room to increase their price. I can get a fully loaded papa johns for 10, or a grocery store digornio was 5-6, and both are better pies.little caesar is good for the price, but their pizza is low end and has little taste. higher food prices or not, if it goes over 5 bucks, i wont be a buyer, just not worth it.

    • The one nearest us is $1.99. Some of the others nearby are $2.99 and I have the same reaction. $2.29 maybe even $2.49 I could stomach but a full dollar (or in your case two) is absurd.

  11. i live in cal.. and the little LC by me is still 5.00 its like 5.25 wigh tax. We have a mom and pop pizza thats a pretty good deal. i see it going up abd 5.55 still is’t bad. Arby’s did the 5 for 5 then it went to 5.55 the to 4 – 5.55 then they changed their deals from Roast beet to jr. so cant complain ..

    • At the store I’m currently general manager of on a busy day, say a weekend, we can sell 600 pizzas in a day.

  12. If you live in Michigan beware. Little Caesars charges tax on their 2 liters and 20 oz drinks. That might not seem like a problem any where else, but in Michigan it’s 100% ILLEGAL. There is NO tax on bottle soda pop. We pay a 10 cent deposit only. This place has been doing this for YEARS. This kind of fraud needs to be looked into.

    • Didn’t know that, but we rarely if ever buy drinks from there. I wonder if it’s just your particular location.

  13. The place i was going to for the last like 10ish years has been charging 5.99 and every once in a great great while he does 5.55 special always has chared for sauce and his bread stick were never 1.99. Went from 2.50 to now the bead stick are now 3.50 which has been 3.50 for th past 4 year. Rochelle litfle ceasars suck plus there very unsanitary. gross!

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