I Could Get Used To This Instore Pickup Option

Ordering online and picking up in store has really picked up, it seems.  More stores seem to offer this option than ever before.  Many attribute the change to Amazon, as they need to compete with their convenience factor.

Two Stops In One Trip

I had the opportunity to use it twice the other day.  It just so happened that both stores were right down the street from one another.

Both shopping trips originated from Slickdeals.  I have an RSS feed of new deals and two deals came up that I was interested in:

  • Lowe’s had a big bag of grass seed for over 30% off.  I like to keep this on hand for overseeding and bare patches.  This should last a couple of years.
  • Kohl’s had their ‘Big Pillows’ on sale for less than $3

Both Were Easy

The ordering and the pickups were both easy.  Both let me know that my local store had the item in stock.  The

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option was free for both.  In both cases, I got an e-mail upon placing my order and another when it was ready.  Both times, the e-mail came within 20 minutes.

Picking up the items was easy as well. In both cases, I was able to go right to the service desk.  This saved me walking through the store as well as standing in line.  At Lowe’s, I did have to wait behind three other people, all of whom were making returns.  Still, I was in and out in less than five minutes.

Do Consumers Spend More Or Less Money?

My wife and I have slightly different thoughts on whether this saves you money in the end.  I think that you save money because you don’t buy anything else.  How many times do you walk through to get the item you want and end up with something else?  By taking this away, I think you save money.

My wife, on the other hand, thinks you might spend more.  By having this option and making it so easy, she thinks people will buy items that they might otherwise wait or skip altogether.

I can see both sides.  For me, I would have been buying both items regardless.  I’ve been griping about my pillow for awhile.  Plus, I’m almost out of grass seed.  Now, on the seed, I might have waited until the spring.  But, if I had, I almost guarantee I would have paid more.

Readers, what do you think about ordering online and picking up in store? Do you think it saves money or encourages more spending?  Does it save you time? Let me know what you think in the thoughts below.

2 thoughts on “I Could Get Used To This Instore Pickup Option”

  1. Love this short piece. I’ve done a lot in online retail and it’s spot on with the heat felt from Amazon. Here in Brooklyn, I see stores trying to adapt, either with delivery options or in-store pick up. I’m with you…I think you end up spending less.

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