Getting Ready For Baby: Update One

Last Monday, I gave an intro about some work we’ll be doing around the house to get ready for the addition of our new baby, due in June.

I’ve been pretty busy with some of the preliminary work.  Here’s a rundown of where things stand, both in terms of work done and work scheduled:

  • Clean out and combine the closets that will be affected – I thought the closets would be first, but we really haven’t done too much here.  I will need to get to these soon as we’re going to need the space by this weekend!
  • Move Office to the basement – This is pretty much done.  We moved all of our furniture, computers, and office cabinets to the basement.  This is now in a room downstairs that was used as a barebones exercise room.  The bike and weights are still there, now there’s a nice desk setup too.  All that’s left is hanging some shelves on the wall.
  • Install ceiling fans in both the new kid bedroom and guest bedroom – We haven’t gotten to this yet but no real hurry.
  • Paint new guest room – I’ve been working on some of the preliminary work here.  This is the room that held our office which, as noted above, we’ve moved.  So, I’ve been working on patching holes from where shelves were mounted and getting some other stuff done.
  • Paint new kids room – We’ve been busying ourselves with trying to decide on the right color as well as track down the best way to do some accents (circles on one wall) that my wife envisioned.  Originally we had thought about hand painting circles, but given the number of them and the tediousness involved, we are now looking at wall appliques to handle this, and are working with a pretty cool vendor on Etsy.
  • Move and assemble furniture in guest room – Haven’t gotten to this yet.
  • Purchase and assemble furniture for kids room – If everything goes according to plan, we’re going to buy the furniture this Saturday.  Assembling it will take place down the road, but for now, we plan on putting the boxes in the closet (hence the need to rearrange the closets as noted in the first item).
  • Finish work (shelves, pictures, curtain rods, etc) – This will happen as each room is finished.  No real progress to speak of just yet

So far, things are coming along pretty well.   The majority of the work will be done in a couple weekends from now, when I’m getting a weekend alone to take care of the bulk of the painting projects.  We’ve decided that it would be easier on everybody if I get a solid two or three days to do this without interruption, so my wife’s heading over to my in-laws for a weekend.  We’re also planning on adding one more item to this list that will be accomplished that weekend, which I’m adding to the list of things:

  • Re-paint master bathroom – I’ve never liked the color of the bathroom from day 1, and my wife admitted that she’s tired of it as well.  Plus, last year I had done some drywall repair from a towel bar installation gone wrong, and the repair work led to mismatched paint colors since they no longer carried the type of paint we’d used originally.  So, we decided to re-paint it to a more agreeable (and matching) color and I will be doing that during ‘Painting Weekend’.

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