Getting Rid Of Yahoo Once And For All

I have had it with Yahoo.  A few years ago I wrote about how Yahoo had gotten smaller and smaller in terms of what I used them for.  That’s continued, and now I’m in the process of cutting the cord altogether.  I am getting rid of Yahoo!

When Yahoo Ruled My World

I remember Yahoo as the first bridge to the Internet that I had, and I used it for just about everything.  I used it for searches, e-mail, photo storage, investment tracking, sports information, and even online dating back in my single days.  It had everything!

Those were the glory days.

Who else remembers?

Yahoo Took Less And Less Fingers

Eventually I stopped using Yahoo.  They sold off or closed down various services.  Their photo service merged.  They closed up shop on their dating service (yes, I was still single).  Their searches were not as accurate, so I moved to the Big G.  The number of things I was using Yahoo for was shrinking.  I needed less fingers to count the services I was using them for.  And then it was down to two:

  • Yahoo Mail – For a long time Yahoo was my primary mail address.  Then, when I got Gmail, I started switching everything over as I liked the interface better and it seemed more secure.  The security aspect proved true when I got hacked twice even after changing passwords and security information.
  • Yahoo Sports – For a long time, the sports coverage by Yahoo was second to none, at least in my opinion.  It was better than ESPN or any other sports site.  I used the site regularly and even installed the app on my various smartphones.

Why I’m Getting Rid Of Yahoo

I heard a story last year where Yahoo admitted that a billion accounts had been breached.  A billion!  I could tell just by empirical evidence that they’d been breached a number of times, and that the breaches were big.  I was breached.  My wife had been breached.  And about once per month I still get e-mails from former Yahoo contacts that are obviously false.  They’d been breached.

Yahoo has let just about everyone get breached.  And, I finally had enough.

Yahoo Mail – The Few Last Items

It didn’t hurt that my Mail account was being used less and less.  There’s only about two or three things that I actually use it for.  One of those is kind of the catch-all e-mail for when you sign up for a coupon or some other deal.  I’m not losing anything there.  The couple of other actual newsletters or services I can switch over, and am in process of doing so.

I have some old archived e-mail that I would potentially like to save, but I’m pretty sure you can export this somehow.   I’m looking forward to completely deactivating my Yahoo mail account.

Image via MorgueFile courtesy muvaca

Yahoo Sports – A Shell Of Itself

The only other thing I was using them for was Sports.  As I said, their sports page used to be awesome. However,  they’ve gone through a few rounds of changes over the years.  Each time they seem to have less coverage of their own and more outsourced stuff.  Last year I was looking around and realizing that about 5-10% of what I was reading was from Yahoo. About half was links to outside sites.  The rest was click bait, articles not even associated with sports.  I was sticking with a site where 90% of the content sucked.  That did it!  I now use ESPN to catch my sports news. Their mobile page is pretty useful.  I just need an app that I can use to follow scores of my favorite teams.  I imagine those are a dime a dozen.

Goodbye, Yahoo

Everybody knows that Yahoo sucks now, right? Even Yahoo does, as they’re selling themselves to Verizon.  That is, if Verizon even wants to complete the deal.  After the huge data breach was revealed in terms of actual size, I think they started to have some doubts.

I held on to Yahoo for far too long. I think I stuck with them largely out of nostalgia. For a while, Yahoo was involved in probably 75% of everything I did on the Internet. Soon, they will be involved of absolutely nothing.  Of mine, anyway.

Readers, have you cut the cord on Yahoo or one of the other Internet dinosaurs that just couldn’t keep up?


13 thoughts on “Getting Rid Of Yahoo Once And For All”

  1. My husband (who is an IT professional) begged me to switch to gmail recently due to the breaches. I am in the process of doing that now. I never used Yahoo for anything but email, so it’s not really that big of a deal to me, but my husband is happy. It is just tedious changing it with Every. Single. Subscription. Ugh. I will still have to check it for quite some time because I had it for so long that there are bound to be random important emails from places I had forgotten all about. Also, at some point we will have to export all of the Yahoo emails into Gmail.

  2. Yahoo is rather annoying. I recently heard about their admission to breaches and its not good at all. Their interface is harder to use and not user friendly either.

  3. I am still using Yahoo Mail as I haven’t fully taken care of full transfer of mails to Gmail. I also remember using Yahoo Messenger and its chat rooms. I miss those days.

  4. I still Yahoo for personal e-mail like newsletters because I don’t want all that stuff in my new Gmail account. I have moved all my important stuff (work & blogging) to Gmail because e-mails send & receive instantly.

    I have been dealing with some Yahoo issues this week where e-mails from my domain e-mail address will deliver to Gmail & Hotmail instantly, but vanished to all Yahoo users. As much as I hate to say it, Yahoo e-mail has about the same reliability as AOL. The message might be sent/received instantly, in 20 minutes, 2 days, or never.

    I still do like using Yahoo Answers occasionally when they come up in search results when I “Google” a question.

  5. Today I broke up with Yahoo. I was attempting to update my info on a government website when a routine verification email was sent but never made it to my Yahoo inbox. I know for certain now that Yahoo is seriously compromised. The same verification email made it to my G account in less than a minute

  6. I’m amazed you hung in there this long! Remember when it was the go-to place for Web searches? Google sure fried their bacon in that department.

    I use MacMail for personal messages — it lets me filter out the spam and shunt certain types of messages into sub-mailboxes, which is handy. Gmail gets a FaM and CEDesk messages, but I have those forwarded so I don’t have to fool around with trying to get into several accounts. Since I’m not interested in sports, Google News plus my collection of favorite providers suffice for the daily news fix.

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