Giving Up Laziness For Lent

Many Catholics ‘give up’ something during Lent, with the idea that they’re making a sacrifice during the Lenten time so as to acknowledge the sacrifices made by Jesus as we approach Easter season.

In the past, I’ve given up things like sweets, alcohol or eating anything outside of mealtimes.

This year I decided to change it up a little bit.  I’m giving up ‘laziness’.

OK, that requires some explanation.

A couple of months ago I wrote about how I hadn’t started exercising as part of any New Year’s resolution.  I don’t think New Year’s resolutions work for most simply because the pressure is too great, so I’d always had it in mind that I would start a workout program a bit later.

You know, when all the hype died down.

So, I’m giving up being lazy and not exercising.  I’m giving up 30 minutes of sleep every morning as I get up and do my exercising before I get my day started.  I guess you could say that I enjoy sleeping in and not exercising, so even though some may argue that I’m not giving up anything, I can assure you that those are big things for me.

So far, I’ve done great.

My secondary goal is to continue this long after Lent.  I’ve always heard that the key to making an exercise program last is to make it part of your routine, so that you do it without even thinking about it.  This is where I’ve failed in the past, and hopefully by the time Lent is over and I’ve been exercising for six weeks, it will be routine enough that I’ll continue on.

(Note: My wife decided to give up snacking after we put our son to bed, something that we had made too regular of an occurrence.  I’ve gone along with her on that, so technically I am still giving something up in the more traditional sense of the term, though I consider the ‘giving up being lazy’ the bigger sacrifice.  Never hurts to keep those bases covered!)

3 thoughts on “Giving Up Laziness For Lent”

  1. Congratulations! Keep it up. I added 2 days of exercise to my routine since January. I love the way it makes me feel!

  2. Wow..I almost need the opposite, adding laziness to lent. I tend to feel so guilty when I'm just sitting around and chillin. (I call it catholic guilt).

    I run around to the point of not having any fun at all.

    I think a good one based on this theme is spending more quality time with the kids. More excursions, less errand running.

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