How We Got Halloween Costumes Done Early This Year

Halloween is just about a month away, but I’m proud to say that our entire family is all set for costumes this year.  This never happens, so it feels really good that everyone has their Halloween costume at the ready.

I’d love to say that it was by great planning or trying to get ahead of the game, but it was really by circumstance and a few events that sort of made it happen.

A Birthday Party Led To The First Halloween Costume

Earlier this month, one of my daughter’s friends sent an invitation for a birthday party.  She loves super heroes and so the theme of the party was super heroes.  An idea was formed.  My daughter instantly said that she wanted to be Batgirl.  My wife found a few options, and asked her if she would also want to be Batgirl for Halloween.  This was met with an enthusiastic Yes!  Early September, and already one down, three to go!

That Started The Ball Rolling

Once she had her costume, my son immediately was impressed.  He wore the

Image courtesy of MorgueFile via Jillibean.
Image courtesy of MorgueFile via Jillibean.

same costume for both of the past two years (by choice) so we knew he’d want something different.  Since his sister was Batgirl, he thought about either being Batman or Superman.  We gave him a few days to think about it and he decided he wanted to be Batman.  He often changes his mind, so we gave a couple of more days to ‘think about it’, but he was firm, so we found a costume he liked and were all set.  Mid September, and two down, two to go.

Now That We Had A Theme, The Rest Was Simple!

Our favorite state park campground (as well as a bunch of others throhough the state) turn weekends in October into Halloween weekends.  It’s a great idea and it always means a full campground every weekend.  With this, everybody dresses up, so my wife and I also knew we needed costumes.  We figured since the kids were already in superhero mode, we’d go with the same theme.  Should we all be Bat people?  Well, I decided that I wanted to be Superman, and we found a really cool shirt that would fit the bill.  My wife found a matching shirt, and two days later (thank you, Amazon Prime), we both had our costumes in hand.  Late September, and we are done!

Getting our costumes early meant that we still had a lot of inventory to choose from, and we were all able to find sizes and colors that fit us well.

And, to think, it all started with a simple birthday party invitation in the mail.

Now, onto the candy and decorations….

Readers, how prepared are you get for the ever growing Halloween festivities?  How big do you go for the celebrations and such?  Please let me know in the comments below.

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  1. My husband has a Star Trek outfit that I always wear to school for Halloween. He has been a Trek nerd for decades, but now that the original series in on Netflix, I’m becoming one too. I think I’ll stick with his outfit though. The uniforms of the women in that original series would not be OK to wear to school! Enjoy your superhero Halloween : )

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