A Great Customer Service Experience At Kohls

I love posting great customer service experiences. It’s common to post negative experiences, but I find positive customer service stories just as helpful as negative ones. Here’s a wonderful shopping experience we had at Kohls on Saturday.
We stopped into our nearby Kohls, as I needed some new shoes and shorts. When it comes to athletic shoes, I have found that Nike shoes are the best for me. They size right on my feet, they last a good amount of time, and I am very comfortable in them. I’ve had mixed luck with other shoes, some good and some bad, but Nike always comes through.
As we were armed with a 30% off Kohls coupon, we quickly found the shorts we wanted and then headed over to the shoe section to look for shoes.
We narrowed the search down to three pair that I liked, but they didn’t have my size in any of them on the floor.
I found an employee, and he checked the back, but they didn’t have any there either. He brought another employee out who informed me that I could call Kohls.com from the back of their store, and if they had them in stock, they would ship it to me for free.
So, off I went to the back of the store to use the courtesy phone near the customer service desk. I called and spoke with a very friendly woman, and she was happy to walk me through the process. They did have the style in my size, and I was even able to give her my coupon code for additional savings!
After it was all said and done, I paid exactly what I would have at the register, and I’ll have a pair of shoes delivered to my doorstep within a week.
How does it get any better than that?
Oh, it sort of does. If, on the off chance they don’t fit, I can simply return them to a Kohls store for a refund or exchange. I don’t have to go through the hassle of sending them back.
I love this type of service, and I wish Kohls publicized it more. We’ve walked out of the store on several occasions when they didn’t have something in a size or color that we wanted. If not for the great customer service yesterday, I would have probably walked out shoeless (except for the ones on my feet) or with a pair that I was less happy about. Even though they have to pay shipping costs, my guess is that they realized that a sale with a little less profit margin is better than no sale at all.
Thanks, Kohls, for offering that, telling me about it, and making it an easy process!