Great Deals Make Me Want To Buy Less

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you know that I love a great deal.  I mean, there’s something about saving money that just makes me feel…great!

So, great deals are always great, right?

Well, as it turns out, not always.

See, I’m obsessed with getting great deals, but not obsessed enough to always find them. At least, not on time.

Information is too readily available these days.  One of the pieces of information that I have been finding too often is that about deals that have already expired.

It used to be that deals were for a certain amount of time.  A week was pretty standard.

Now, deals are one-day or even one-hour.

Awesome…if you get them.

Annoying…if you find out about them later.

If I find an item that I want to get for my wife for Christmas, but find that it was $10 cheaper yesterday or even an hour ago, I get seriously annoyed.  I know it’s irrational but I get annoyed at the store for not selling it to me for that cheaper price.  I get annoyed at the other shoppers for jumping on the deal and making it unavailable for me.

Hey, I did say I know it’s irrational, didn’t I?

I simply hate spending more than I have to, and that includes paying more than it was just available for.

These “limited time offers” and “one day sales” and “lightning deals” are awesome but at the same time they’re annoying.

Hmm, things that are annoyingly awesome.  Sounds like that could be a now-and-then feature, what do you think?

Tell me some things that you know are ‘annoyingly awesome’?  Have you missed out on any deals that were just out of reach?  What did you do, did you just shrug and pay more or did you move on from the deal altogether?

3 thoughts on “Great Deals Make Me Want To Buy Less”

  1. I can identify! Before I booked our family vacation last year, I watched the prices on the package everyday for about a month like it was the stock market! Sometimes they would fluctuate by as much as $500! And even after I made the cut and booked my reservation, I saw the price go lower than what I paid and it make me very upset! But then I realize, like all things, you can never really predict when something will go on sale or hold out forever on making the purchase. It’s good to save a little but now I keep it in perspective relative to the amount of effort it takes to get that great savings.

  2. I have to agree. All I think about is CLUTTER with great deals!

    BTW, thx for changing the comment system. Much easier! Might want to check your header though. Showing up strange on my browser.

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