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We do our fair share of traveling, but for the last few years, our traveling has been exclusively on four wheels.

Or, more recently, eight wheels, as we've been towing our camper to various campgrounds around the state for the last two seasons.

mb-201309airplaneCost is a big reason we've taken to doing all of our adventures on the road, but airlines, specifically how much airlines suck, has been a big reason.  I'm not a fan of the charges and fees that have taken over the industry.  I think that if they want to charge them, they should have to post an up front expected cost when displaying the fare for the first time.  For a $200 fare to turn into a $450 mess is backhanded.  With all of the information that websites are able to gather on people, this is not only possible, but probably would be eerily precise.

Regardless, Crystal at Budgeting the Fun Stuff found a new level of lows with the airlines and directs her (well deserved) anger at US Airways.

Don't Quit Your Day Job has been talking a bit about tipping and wonders if you'd prefer restaurants where tipping wouldn't be allowed.  Obviously prices would have to be higher to build the tipping in, but what would you prefer?

The College Investor seems to be giving some consideration on whether we're headed toward another recession, and provides some things to watch out for.  What do you think?

Kathleen at Frugal Portland has a pretty uplifting story about how $29 made a big difference in her outlook on life, and hopefully on the life of someone else.

Reach Financial Independence hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance and was kind enough to include my post about estimating the impact of making extra payments on your mortgage.

Hope you have a great weekend!