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Today is my wife's birthday and it's a big one, so I though I have a million, I thought I'd put thirty reasons I absolutely love my wife:

  1. She loves ice cream almost as much as I do.
  2. She taught me to enjoy eating meals out on the deck.
  3. She puts her children and family first.
  4. She makes me laugh every day.
  5. I love when she laughs.
  6. She regularly laughs at my jokes.
  7. She loves taking walks with me and the kids.
  8. She introduced me to camping, which I know love doing.
  9. When she gets mad at me, she never holds her anger for long.
  10. She's the most amazing mother I could ever hope for to my kids.
  11. I love falling asleep next to her.
  12. And waking up next to her.
  13. The way we met mirrored the way two characters met in my favorite movie (Swingers)
  14. She gives wonderful hugs.
  15. And even better kisses.
  16. The way she looks when she doesn't know I'm looking at her.
  17. She loves to celebrate holidays and seasons.  All of them.
  18. She gives me a much needed sense of fashion (which I don't have)
  19. She keeps me feeling young.
  20. She keeps our family eating healthy without being a health nut.
  21. She makes our house a real home.
  22. She makes me want to be a better person.
  23. She always accepts my apology after I do something dumb.
  24. She loves taking pictures to capture our memories.
  25. She is an awesome coupon cutter!
  26. She saw me through two job losses and stuck with me and believed in me.
  27. She strives to make the best chocolate chip cookies ever!
  28. She doesn't love cats but she loves mine because they're mine.
  29. Everything is more fun with her.
  30. She takes my breath away.

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Beagle!  I love you lots!