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A year ago, our little baby girl was born.  After she was delivered and moved over to the baby warmer, she started testing her little lungs.  And they worked great.

“Oh, that's perfectly normal,” said the nurse.

After a few more minutes of frenzied screaming, she said, “Well, most of them stop by now.”

That's when we knew we were in for it.

Many of the things that came easy with our first were not so much with her.

Both learned to sleep through the night relatively early, which we're lucky for, but her wake up time was (and still is) around 5:30am.  I guess she realizes that the early bird catches the worm.

She had a lot of difficulty eating. The doctors said she probably had acid reflux, so we changed her formula.  Then her bottles.  For a while she'd eat great, then a switch would turn where every ounce drank was a struggle, and many tears were shed along the way, some by baby, and yes, many by mommy, too.

Still, she largely got past that and has absolutely amazed us in so many ways.  Here are a few examples:

  • She eats table food like it's her last meal – For all the struggles we had with bottles, once she started eating table food, she realized it was what she was waiting for the entire time. In fact, she not only eats what's given to her, but she inspects everybody elses plate to make sure that she has everything that everybody else has.
  • She is healthy – Any time we've had difficulty and seemed at our wits end, we are reminded that she's healthy and happy.
  • She loves to play with her brother – They chatter and play with toys.  So far she doesn't mind that he hoards the toys and gives her only what he doesn't want, but I can imagine that she'll come up with her own way of dealing with this once it starts to bug her!
  • She depends on her mommy and daddy – Our first was never very cuddly.  Our baby girl will reach out for us when she wants to be picked up and when she rests her little head on my shoulder, it melts my heart.  Every time!
  • She loves animals – Her first word has already been spoken.  Many times.  “Cat” is the word, as we have two cats.  She loves to follow them around and repeat “cat, cat, cat”.  Recently we were at the zoo and she was fussing in the stroller.  I took her out to carry her and she had the time of her life.  She looked at all the “cats” in the zoo (every animal, to her, was a cat) and pointed at them.  She's definitely an animal lover!
  • She even loves parades – We went to a parade on Memorial Day.  We put our stuff back away from the street so that we had a shady spot (it was hot) but when the parade started, our son wanted to go closer.  I stayed back with June Bug, but she was restless.  So I picked her up and carried her over.  She can be afraid of crowds, lots of people, and loud noises, so I was pretty sure I'd have to take her back relatively quickly.  Nope.  She had a blast.  She waved and giggled and pointed at just about every part of the parade.  Who knew?!?
  • She loves to climb – Our first was never a climber.  He was perfectly content to stay on the floor and play with whatever was there.  Not our baby girl!  Chairs were the first obstacle.  Now she tries to climb up the back of chairs.  The small slide on the deck that's for ages 2-6.  No problem.  Scooters, ottomans, picnic tables, even coffee tables are no match.
  • She's just so darn beautiful – Mrs. Beagle and I say it at least once a day, that no matter how frustrating she can be at times, when she flashes you that beautiful smile, it just melts your heart.  She definitely has us wrapped around her finger.

I can't wait to see where the next year takes us with her.  She's already expanding her vocabulary just a tad.  She points at us when asked where mama and daddy are.  She has taken a few steps, so as soon as she achieves balance, she'll be off and running.

Happy first birthday to our beautiful baby girl!  We can't wait to see what comes next.