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If you have an office job, you know it isn’t always fun.  Many places have fun activities.  But for every Google that’s loaded with ping pong tables, there’s 100 offices that have, well, nothing.  Fear not.  You can make your office a fun place.  And you don’t even need to convince management to buy a ping pong table!  Here are some ideas to have fun at the office.  They’re fun, easy, and they’re (mostly) free.


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This is all the rage around our office.  Somebody brought in a jigsaw puzzle and left it out on a table that nobody ever used.  It didn’t take long before people started putting it together.  When you walked by there was always someone there.  Now, people have started bringing in puzzles.  Just about everyone has some around the house, right?  At last count our office had four different puzzle stations going.

Deck of Cards

Bring a deck of cards and leave them in the break room.  It won’t take long before people start playing during lunch or break time.  Whether it’s a game of rummy, poker, war, or cribbage, people will play. Just make sure it doesn’t cut into work time.  Also, no gambling for money.

Checkers Board

Checkers is an easy game that just about everybody knows how to play.  There has to be someone that has a board lying around the house.  Bring one in and I guarantee you’ll have people playing in no time.  You could also bring in a chess board though these games can tend to take longer.

Fun Bulletin Board

Sometimes there are bulletin boards around the office.  Many go unused or have announcements from years ago.  Clear some space and hang some fun things.  Maybe a funny meme that you print out.  Some funny comics from a daily desk calendar.  People will go to it for some laughs, and it will grow.

Non-Work White Board

Most offices nowadays have white boards all over the place.  If you can find one that’s not used for work, re-purpose it for people to draw.  You’ll be amazed to find out some of the artistic qualities that your co-workers have.

Coloring Books

Along the same lines, bring in some coloring books, and either crayons or pencils.  I bet that people will start using them.  You’ll find some really cool work and probably some funny ones as well.

Outside of the puzzles, these are just a few ideas I came up with.  These are things that I think can bring people together, and get people talking.  Either way, a little extra fun and creativity is always a good thing, right?  Now get back to work!

Readers, what fun ideas do you have for an office that are quick and simple?

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  1. This depends on your workplace’s email policies, but we used to have a lot of fun emailing each other memes or funny photos (that were work-appropriate of course!). You can also have a lot more fun at work if you find 1 – 3 people you connect with. It’s much easier to get through the day when you have a tribe.

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