Have You Ever Tipped On A Carry-Out Order?

The answer for me was no, until recently.

For our anniversary, we didn’t do anything extravagant, which is pretty tough anyways when the day falls on the middle of the week, with a two year old and a two month old.  So, we used a coupon (always saving!) to get a carry-out special from a really good place for pizza, salad, and a loaf of bread.

We’ve dined at the restaurant and the food has been nothing short of spectacular.  We’d never gotten pizza, but we were sure it had to be good.

When I went, the service was so remarkable that I was flabbergasted.  First, the lady grabbed the pizza, brought it out, opened the box, and showed it to us to make sure it looked OK (it looked better than OK!).  Then, she took the loaf of bread that had been there, and called to the kitchen for a new one, to make sure we got a hot loaf.

I felt no qualms about giving a little bit extra when I signed for the check.  The food was delicious, the company even better, and we will definitely be getting that special (and going back for dinner) again!

What’s your take on tipping for carry-out?

6 thoughts on “Have You Ever Tipped On A Carry-Out Order?”

  1. I normally do not tip on take out because handing you the product is not a service, but I agree this was extra. I do not think I ever experienced that kind of service.

  2. I agree with Krantcents…have only given a few extra dollars on take out IF I had a 100% meal coupon (my food was free). But even then, it's a promotion the company is putting on to gain more attraction to the restaurant. I think I'm a good tipper overall when I go out to eat with my family or friends. Better service does get better tips, no doubt!

  3. I've never worked in a restaurant/service industry. I actually never considered tipping on carry-out until a good friend of mine, who worked in a Middle-Eastern restaurant, told me that as a server who prepares food sometimes for carry-out it's nice to get a tip because she's taking the order, packaging up the food, etc. She suggested if your food is $10 or more, to tip even a $1 is appreciated. I wouldn't tip at a place where their primary purpose is carry-out, because typically they build that in to their prices. But if it's a normal sit-down restaurant, or really good service (like ensuring my order is right, greeting me nicely, etc), then I'm willing to tip $1, or more if it's exceptional. Occasionally I'll just round up the cost to the nearest dollar and use that as the tip.

  4. I have never given a tip on a take-out order… maybe in the future, if the service and the product is really good… beyond our expectation…

  5. I almost never tip on take-out, but I would for exceptional service.

    The one place I do tip on take-out is at this little mom-and-pop diner across the street from my apartment. I go there a lot, and I just like to support them for being awesome.

  6. I rarely tip when doing carry out. If it is one of the restaurants where they bring the food out to you car and the weather is really bad, I'll usually tip.

    I worked in a restaurant industry for 2.5 years while I was in college. At every restaurant I know of, the to-go people were paid $6 – $8/hr (compared to $2.13/hr as a server). The tips the to-go people got were just icing on the cake.

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