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As many of you know, we had a beautiful baby girl a month and a half ago.  As with any change, a new baby has meant that everything has changed.  While there are challenges, they're all worth it for those beautiful moments that only a newborn can give you, a soft sigh, a little breath, or a touch of wonderfully soft skin.

One area that hasn't been amazing has been the health insurance.  As with anything major, the cost of having a baby is pretty high.  There are insurance claims upon insurance claims.  The ironic part is that keeping on top of all the insurance claims have been a source of more stress than actually having a newborn!

Consider this:

Adding our baby was pretty simple.  HR walked me through the steps I would need to go through to add the baby to our insurance plan.  The plan wasn't changing, since we were already on family coverage anyways, it was just adding her to the plan.

Simple enough, right?

It seemed so when she appeared on the website after I logged in a couple days after providing HR the information.

Smooth sailing, except that all of the claims associated with her delivery and hospital stay were…



I talked to the insurance company and they said, “Well, it's because you haven't responded to the form we send out which makes sure that she isn't covered by any other insurance plan.”  When I pointed out that I had just added her a couple of days ago and there was no possible way that I could have gotten that form and responded to it, the nice lady said “Oh, yeah, it probably hasn't even gone out in the mail yet.”

Double huh?!?

At least she was nice about it.

She explained that the system that tracks the responses only provides a Yes/No as to whether this information has been provided.  If it's no, the claim is rejected.  There's no date stamp or any other flag that could at least give the customer a chance to receive the form and mail it back.

Luckily, the lady was super nice and she was actually able to enter my responses into the system on the phone, and submit the claims for re-processing.

Still, doesn't that seem like a huge waste of everybody's time over something so simple?

Here it seems that it's a good thing that I have health insurance because I'm stressed but I'm stressed because I have health insurance!  Figure that one out!