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Mr. BFS and I are getting loose ends wrapped up this week since we’re heading out for a week right before Christmas on another cruise. We seem to be addicted and this one will be costing us right around $1000 for the whole she-bang for 2 people for 7 days. It was an easy decision to make. Here are what we look forward to most on cruises.


I’m a professional pet sitter as well as a blogger. That means that I’m generally working 60-100 hour work weeks regularly. And I’m connected at the hip with my phone and laptop to get everything done online and get everything scheduled with the pet sitting. But on cruises, I stay 100% disconnected for the entire time we’re at sea. It’s amazing and I always feel a million times more refreshed after we get off the ship.

Food and Fun Aboard

Our favorite activity on a cruise is the nice dinners. Who wouldn’t like amazing meals in a kind environment?

Another fun thing we do is gamble with a pre-set fun money budget. On land, we are limited to online gambling like or driving to Louisiana. Gambling at sea is usually more limited than our other options, but it’s a fun way to spend a little time each evening after dinner.

Fun Abroad

We also enjoy cruising because of the ports of call. Nothing is quite as awesome as snorkeling in mid-December with stingrays without freezing to death. Or drinking fruity rum drinks on private beaches near lagoons teaming with baby fish. Sometimes we do stay on board the whole day, but the excursions are just really great ways to take advantage of vacationing in paradise.

Overall, I am craving the upcoming week off and it can’t get here fast enough. Do you cruise?