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It seems like the end of the year always brings health to the forefront.  Maybe because we have to sign up for insurance for next year.  It could be because we want to get ourselves ready for a healthier version to start off next year.  Perhaps it's because we know that we have put off stuff we need to do.   Or, in our case, a combination of pretty much all of those.  Here are a few health updates in our household.

Health Update 1: Flu Shots

We all got our flu shots within a couple of days.  My employer gives them to us for free right on site (I work for a hospital system), so it just took about 15 minutes of waiting in line and I was done.  My wife got hers at Target, and took our kids after school, and all were covered 100% by our health insurance.  Hopefully we stay flu free for the season!

Health Update 2: Physical Therapy

Our son, who is seven years old, just started physical therapy.  He is a toe walker, so he goes once per week to see a therapist.  He's done it since he started walking.  The doctor told us that many kids grow out of it, but our son never did.  They recommended therapy to try to correct his walking habits, as well as stretch out his muscles.  Since we have a high deductible plan, we're paying this cost out of our fund balance.

Health Update 3: Ear Ache


Putting off health items is easy but often can be costly later.

As if the flu shot and the therapy haven't given my son enough time at the doctor office, last weekend he complained of an ear ache.  We took him in and he had an ear infection.  He's been on antibiotics.  These costs are also going to be out of pocket, but well worth it for a healthy child.

Health Update 4: Insurance for 2017

Today starts open enrollment at our company.  Our plan is available with no coverage changes, which I'm pretty excited about.   Our employer kicks in the first $1,000 to our health savings account, which is nice.  Last year, the premiums didn't go up, but this year we're going to pay about 5% more, which I can't complain about too much compared to those under Obamacare who have double digit increases coming their way.

Health Update 5: Time For Check Ups

I haven't had a physical since 2014.  My main reason is that when we switched to the health plan we're on now, the doctor I was used to seeing was no longer on our plan, and the idea of starting over is just tedious.  Still, I know I'm at the age where I need to be serious about getting these done, and once I start, I can push my wife to start getting annual checkups from a family doctor in addition to her OB/GYN check-ups (which she does).

Because one side of my family has a history of heart issues, I'm also going to look into getting some tests done on my heart.  It amazes me that with the amount of heart disease that blockages and problems are most often diagnosed after a cardiac event.

Health Update 6: Other To-Do Items

All of us need our second dental cleaning for the year.  It's also been a couple of years since I have gotten my eyes checked, and I know I probably need a new set of lenses.  There's always something to do!

Readers, what do you have left to do for health related items before the end of the year?