Healthy Kids Yogurt That’s Half The Price!

Little Boy Beagle loves his yogurt.  Every morning for the last year (he just turned two) as part of his breakfast, he has yogurt.

His yogurt ‘journey’ has taken a few twists and turns along the way, but he now gets yogurt that is yummy, healthy, and cheap.

Here’s how:

At First….

My wife got Stonyfield Organic yogurt.  She liked that it was organic.  It was also a pretty good deal as we could print coupons from their website when we needed it.

Then, they cut back on the number of cups you got, and the coupons were less available.


My wife then switched over to Yoplait or Dannon’s kids yogurt.  She interchanged them based on the best deals.  My wife never was crazy about the sugar content in them, and she finally decided enough was enough when they raised their prices by shrinking the yogurt cup sizes and the number of cups you got.

Yogurt by Mom the Barbarian, on Flickr


At the time my wife switched, we were paying about $0.50 per cup.  Considering we pay $0.60 per cup (or less) for a 6-ounce cup for each of us, that seemed very pricey, not to mention the sugar that my wife didn’t like.

And Now….

My wife makes her own kids yogurt.  She buys a 32-ounce tub of plain yogurt.  She buys a two-pack of flavored baby food which together yields 6 or 7 ounces.

She mixes them together and stores it.

All together, this provides 13 servings of flavored yogurt that Little Boy Beagle just loves.

The 32-ounce container is $2.39 and the two-pack of baby food is $0.96.  This works out to $3.35, or roughly $0.25 per serving.

He loves the taste, so he smiles.  My wife loves that he’s getting less sugar, so she smiles. I love that we’re paying half of what used to, so Money Beagle smiles too 🙂

5 thoughts on “Healthy Kids Yogurt That’s Half The Price!”

  1. When my children were small, my wife would grind our food for them It was homemade baby food! It was for health reasons more than saving money. It also meant we could control the sugar and salt content, as well as it was fresh.

  2. We switched to store brand yogurt a while ago and haven't gone back. It's cheaper and they don't shrink the packages like yoplait and the rest. We go back and forth on getting the big tubs vs individual servings because of portability.

  3. Smart thinking! The homemade route is generally also the cheaper route – and healthier, so everyone wins. I was raised on lots of homemade, home grown food because my parents were very frugal. However, it also helped me to develop some very healthy habits, both with food and with my wallet.

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