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With the advent and growth of the Internet over the course of the past two decades, discount brokers have become ever more common. Discount brokers have opened the door to investing in stock to a wider swath of people than ever before. Indeed, with the broad availability of discount brokers in this day and age, nearly anybody with even a minimal amount of money to invest can afford to access the stock market.

In addition to being less expensive than a traditional broker, there is one primary distinction between the traditional derivation and a discount broker. A discount broker does not provide an investor with advice. Rather, an investor must do his or her own research and make his or her own decisions regarding the buying and selling of stock. Although this can lead to an overhaul of information, this also increases your chances of success.

People interested in this type of investment resource need to understand some of the essential elements associated with a discount broker. The following are tips to keep in mind when making your decision:

1. Online Platforms

A fundamental consideration to keep in mind when looking for a discount broker is the online platform provided for an investor. The online platform will be the portal used by an investor when he or she desires to buy and sell stock, to access real time information about the market and to conduct research. As a result this platform needs to reliable, easy to navigate and user friendly on all fronts.

2. Reduced Account Fees

A discount broker charges lower fees than the traditional alternative. There are differences between the fees charged from one discount broker to another. As part of making a selection, “shopping around” is always great advice in order to compare and assesse from one discount broker to another.

3. Analytical Capabilities

Because discount brokers do not provide advice to an investor, you absolutely must have access to reliable analytical data associated with a stock of interest. Although a number of reputable resources exist for this type of data, in the end it is important that the discount broker selected is able to provide an investor with comprehensive sound data to rely on.