How I Hope To Celebrate My Birthday

One of my favorite moments of summer was in June, my wife and I went to see Lionel Richie.  I’ve written about him before on this blog, and when my wife surprised me with tickets earlier in the year, it gave us something to look forward to.

As the concert date neared, it started getting a little buzz and it came out that the concert was also his birthday…and it was his 65th birthday, so a pretty nice milestone.

You always wonder if the event would be acknowledged, or if he’d prefer to just keep it private.  All of that was put to rest within a minute of him taking the stage when he yelled “GUESS WHAT??? IT’S MY BIIIIIIIRTHDAY!!!!!”

mb-2014--08birthdayOf course that received a ton of cheers and he then went on to celebrate and put on a great show.  I know that artists put on show after show, and each audience likes to think that the artist connects with their audience more than others, but the celebration of his birthday was one of the best concerts I’ve seen and you could tell he was having a blast.  Even one of the newspaper reviews the next day commented that the celebration seemed to give the concert a little something special.

Since then I’ve thought about what made it great, and there were two things that made his concert birthday celebration awesome:

  • He had fun – You could tell he was just enjoying the celebration, telling stories about growing older and things he’s seen through the years, and just keeping a genuine smile on his face.
  • He brought everyone else in on the fun – He wasn’t just enjoying himself because it was his birthday, he was enjoying himself more by making the audience enjoy themselves.  He fed off of it, the audience fed off that, and it just kept getting better and better.  He even went over curfew by 15 minutes or so (it’s an outside stadium with homes nearby), which at $1,000 per minute fine, worked out to a pretty good chunk of change (though for him it’s a drop in the bucket).  Still, as the clock went over, he said “I’m having so much fun, we’re going to keep on going!”

I’ve been to a lot of concerts and that was probably the best one I’ve been to.  Not because of the music (though that was awesome too) but because of the energy.

So, why am I writing this?  Oh, did I not mention…..IT’S MY BIIIIIRTHDAY TODAY!

And while I’m a bit younger than Lionel Richie, it’s a milestone as I’m hitting the big 40!

I wrote this in advance because I’m off camping, but I am planning on a good birthday, especially with my wife and kids, simply because I want to enjoy the day, the celebrations, and I want them to enjoy it, and let the fun feed off of each other!  One old singer taught an old man a lesson, and hopefully as you read this, I’m living the lesson learned!

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