How Barbequing Got Ten Times More Enjoyable Over The Past Two Years

There’s nothing like a nice burger or hot dog or other favorite barbeque item coming right off the grill.  It speaks of summer, and it’s something that my wife and I have tried to do regularly since we first started dating.

I look at where we were two years ago and where we were today, and I realize that I enjoy barbequing ten times more than I did just two years ago.


Two reasons:

  1. The grill – I bought a grill from Big Lots in 2006 or so for less than $100.  You get what you pay for and we sure did.  It was propane, which is what I use, and it started off well enough, but it quickly began to deteriorate.  There wasn’t much rust protection, and I found that the heat distribution really didn’t exist, no matter how many of the silly grill lava rocks that I spread around.  Eventually the grill burners began to break down.  Good ones, I guess, are made of stainless steel.  These weren’t.  Pretty soon, the low setting was anything but.  The entire thing had to be scrapped.  Luckily, we are now the proud recipients of my parents old Weber grill, purchased probably sometime in the mid-1980’s.  It needed a few new parts and some paint, but other than that it still works great, and just having a grill with actual temperature control is fantastic.
  2. The barbeque sauce – One of the things I could never stand grilling was chicken.  I would practically hide under the grill when it was time to barbeque the chicken.  The grill problems certainly didn’t help, but I was always afraid of overcooking it or undercooking, and the fact was that it just didn’t taste very great to me.  Turns out it maybe had something to do with the sauce.  My wife had always purchased Open Pit, likely because it was what her mom used, but it really was the pits.  One day in the dead of winter we went out to a restaurant.  I ordered chicken strips with BBQ sauce and it was amazing.  I’m sure I’ve had it before, but when I asked what it was, they said it was ‘Sweet Baby Rays’ sauce.  We bought some and haven’t used a drop of anything else since.  And, Ive found that I actually enjoy grilling chicken.  I still worry about it being over or under cooked (it’s usually over cooked, just to be safe *lol*) but the taste part no longer bothers me.  Because the BBQ sauce we used is great.

The grill and the sauce.  Two pretty big components, I guess, that could make or break a good barbeque.  Now that we’ve got these two items out of the way, it’s night and day from what it used to be.  Off to fire up the grill!

Do you barbeque?  Any tips on grilling?  Any favorite sauces?

20 thoughts on “How Barbequing Got Ten Times More Enjoyable Over The Past Two Years”

  1. Don’t forget the people you are grilling for. I would hate to just grill and not grill for the ones I love…. or at least like a lot. 🙂

  2. I love love love grilled food. Try different sauces — like soy sauce and hot sauce mixed together — or grill veggies. Dang, now I want a hot dog. And it’s 9am.

    • That reminds me, we need to do a hot dog night soon…been too long and we bought a bunch from Costco that are sitting in the freezer.

  3. Sadly in the UK we don’t get much chance to BBQ, especially with the rotten summer we’ve had. It’s supposed to be a good week ahead though & you’ve inspired me to get the grill going again! I also fear our friend the chicken!

  4. As much as I enjoy BBQ meat, I love the sides you can make on a grill. Corn is so easy to do on a grill, as is a veggie pack. My buddies and I like to chop up a bunch of veggies, add a stick of butter and some subtle seasonings, put it in a foil pack and let it cook for awhile.

    Simple and delicious!

    -Christian L.

    • That sounds pretty good. We do corn on the cob on the grill and my wife likes to grill other stuff over the top but I don’t know if she has ever done ‘wrapping’ for stuff outside of corn. I’ll have to mention that to her.

  5. I love sweet baby ray’s! We also try Stubb’s. Either the mainades or the bbq sauces. They all taste great to me. We grill almost every night–whether it’s hot dogs or veggies–helps keep the heat inside down and they tast great. We just tried some grilled green beans–very good!

    • We really should more especially with the A/C having run so much this summer (23 days over 90 degrees…and counting)

  6. I LOVE to grill and smoke meats. Keep practicing your grilling of chicken – the number one thing people do wrong when grilling is to overcook chicken and pork because their scared of getting sick. Get yourself a meat thermometer probe, get a piece of chicken to a “done” temperature. Then touch it and feel it….see how much it squishes. Once you can “feel” the doneness of a meat, you’ll never have to worry about it again, and it will be a bazillion times more juicy and taste so much better. Good luck!

    • Good point. The probe I’ve used has always resulted in overcooked chicken, though, so I’m thinking it’s not accurate. I have a new one that I got for a gift which I haven’t opened yet. Sounds like it’s time next time we grill chicken.

  7. My hubby loves grilling lobster tails! Both times we did it we found a simple recipe online (nothing but butter, salt and pepper to taste), but it was really fast and simple to make, and turned out delish both times. Each time we grilled over a charcoal grill, so have yet to try over a gas grill. I think what helped a little bit was all the butter he used, and they were small tails so cooked fairly quickly.

    • Years and years ago I dated a girl, and our place for some reason was often TGI Fridays. That’s right when they came out with their Jack Daniels line of stuff, and I used to get something from there every time. I kind of got sick of it, so now the sauce doesn’t do much for me. Or, maybe it’s just bad memories of the ex *lol*

  8. We BBQ a lot in the summer to save heating up the house. I love how versatile the BBQ is too. You can use a cast iron pan and cook anything on it outside. The options are endless. Just the other week we made grilled pizza. It was delicious.

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