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I was recently asked how I would spend a small windfall like a holiday bonus.  Generally, I'm sort of boring and would choose to simply fold it into our income.  That means that it would probably end up being divided up into savings as monthly extra at the end of the month.  BUT, if I was told that it was spend it or lose it, here's how I'd spend a holiday bonus.


I could take a trip or two.  At $100, I could do a road trip with my husband or friends.  I love opportunities to just hang out in new environments (well, new, comfortable environments).  I don't enjoy “roughing it”.  For $300-$500, I could visit a friend in another state or take a weekend to spend a little in Austin or San Antonio.  For $1000 or more, we could take a 5 or 7 day cruise.  I like to travel and we do budget a few thousand every year to that anyway.


Yep, I am a personal finance blogger that occasionally likes to spend fun money on gambling.  Depending on the size of the bonus, I'd have a few options.  For smaller amounts, I could buy some lotto tickets and cross my fingers.  Or I could play bingo around where I live.  Or if the bonus was around $500, we could head over to Louisiana casinos.  Over $1000, we could take a trip to Las Vegas.  There are a ton of ways to spend money gambling, lol.


If we didn't have the time to travel or go gambling, I could use the bonus to buy some stuff that we've been putting off.  We have been wanting a new dish washer ever since we closed on our current house a year ago.  The builder's washer sucks.  I've also been wanting an automatic sprinkler system to save me time during the summer.  And my husband and I have had new media room furniture on our wish list for years.

Overall, if I received a holiday bonus and was told to use it, I'd have a bunch of fun options to consider.  😀

How about you?  What would you spend it on if you weren't allowed to save it?